Lime Crime Helps Women Represent Their True Selves

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Makeup can help women to feel better about the way they look and have more confidence. Lime Crime is one of the few makeup companies that cater to women who want to have bold and fun makeup to make them feel great about the way they look and to stand out.

Makeup Colors

Of course the biggest consideration when buying makeup are the colors. This is because some like bold fun colors that show who they are. This can be seen the most with younger women that go out to the clubs or are in College. These women are more willing to get bold bright colors that make a statement than older women that are only thinking about how they will look when they go to work with their makeup.


The colors available on Love-Makeup can range from more traditional light browns and naturals to bold pinks and greens. These outstanding color choices can help round out the colors a woman may have for different occasions.

Lime Crime was created because Doe Deere saw there was an area in the market place that needed this kind of bright fun makeup. That is why she created this line of beautiful colors that are bright and fun. She started her company online and is famous for pushing the envelope to make her makeup different and fun for the women she sells it for.

There are a lot of things women consider when buying makeup. They look at where they plan to wear the makeup and why. They also might think about what makes it different. That is why this makeup is so great. It has so many different colors and styles that it can help any woman with her needs. She only needs to look at the different options and find the one that is going to work the best for them.  Some of the styles have really caught fire on Tumblr, but you can get a better feel for what they have by visiting the storefront on

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