Lime Crime

Published / by soundproof

The founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere is a New Yorker, but she was actually born in Russia. Her company, Lime Crime Cosmetics is not a typical cosmetic company, and neither is her approach to creating her products. Her unique line of cosmetic products are vibrantly almost playful color design and are anti-animal testing. Doe Deere has grown her small company into what it is today and understand fully the challenges women face in the business world. As a young girl, Deere has always dreamt of creating her own line of makeup products and does all she can to help other girls achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. A steadfast proponent of women’s rights and equality in as entrepreneurship, Doe Deere does what she can to ensure women have the same opportunities to chase their dreams as she has.

Based in Las Angeles California, Lime Crime Cosmetics is the ideal company for the animal right activist who is concerned with the industry norm of using animals to test products. Lime Crime Cosmetics offers a distinct line of eye-shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, lipsticks and rainbow-colored liquid liners among other products. The idea behind the standout products of Lime Crime steams from Doe Deere’s love of fairytales and makeup. Initial designing her own unique clothing, Deere found it harder and harder to find makeup that truly complements her clothing creations. Like many inventors and entrepreneurs before her, Doe had to make her own products, because there was nothing on the market that matched her styles and color schemes.

Since the genesis of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has continued to grow using her belief that beauty should make you feel happy. While beauty is interpreted differently by each individual, it is an area in our lives that we can all control and Lime Crime is there to help make people happy.