LORI SENECAL; Transforming CP + B Global through phenomenal leadership

Published / by soundproof

Lori joined CP + B Global back in early 2015 as the director of MDC Partners Agency. Before her arrival, the agency was not structured to accommodate a CEO. Senecal informed the world of her departure from the advertising business and also relinquishing her position and responsibilities at the MDC Partners shop before 2018.

Chuck Porter who is the president and co-founder of CP + B said that the agency had benefited from her management marvel which turned around CP + B to international accolades; bringing in large clients like American Airlines. Additionally, he acknowledged her organizational skills which ensured that the agency did not lose a single customer since her arrival, adding that it is phenomenal given the current competition in the industry.

During her time with CP + B, Senecal established a genius structured communication and management system which worked in favor of the agency, a point which Porter retaliated. Her departure from the company did not come as a surprise as Senecal and Porter had it fore-planned; a move Porter says will ensure a steady handover. He also added that Senecal’s efforts and brilliant leadership would remain a blueprint for the future success of CP + B.

The next crop of CP + B leaders is on course to take over, and this has seen Danielle Aldrich promoted to head CP + B West, that also incorporates CP + B Boulder and CP + B Los Angeles. Before her elevation as President, she was part of the management at CP + B Boulder, where she was a co-manager. Senecal expressed her confidence in the new generation of leaders as most of them have been trained and promoted within the agency.

Lori Senecal is reputable for her excellence in advertising and marketing world. She is credited with initiating ingenious advertising routines. Her specialty is in contemporary technology that helps in resolving business plight. Senecal, who is the last born to her family, has three sisters. She attended McGill University for her degree course. She has set high standards in the advertising world and earned her spot among the best. Follow Lori on Twitter.