Louis Chenevert, Chairman and President of Almost Everything

Published / by soundproof

Louis Chenevert is a very experienced Canadian businessman. He has had many years of experience working in many different business settings. While he has many years of work experience, he couldn’t do that before getting his degree. Considering that Chenevert was born in Canada, it is no surprise that he attended the University of Montreal where he received his bachelor of business administration in production management.


After attending university, he worked for General Motors for 14 years. It was there that he became the general production manager. After working at General Motors, he joined Pratt & Whitney. He was later made president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999.


Eventually, he left Pratt & Whitney and started working for United Technologies Corporation. Here he became the chief operating officer, director, and president. His achievements did not end there though, in 2008 he became CEO and in 2010 he became chairman.


Due to Chenevert’s years of experience, it is not surprising that he has many pearls of wisdom to dole out. His main tips to improve businesses revolve around investing in the employees of the business.

Chenevert says that one way to invest in employees is through making the workplace enjoyable. In other words, the employees should not dread going to work every day. Another piece of advice that Chenevert has is to reward employees that work hard. While it may seem pedantic in the moment, it does a great deal for the overall morale of the employees that receive the rewards. It also gives them a real incentive to push themselves, thereby garnering the best results. One last piece of advice that Chenevert has to offer is to effectively build the team. Make sure that the employees of the business can work together efficiently.


One other way that Chenevert recommends investing in the employees is through implementing Employee Scholar Programs. Chenevert emphasizes this and his used it in the United Technologies Corporation. He used this to give his employees the opportunity to get a degree in any field that they so desired and the company would pay for all the expenses.


Chenevert is a man of great experience and great integrity. His ability to build successful businesses while not trampling all over his employees proves that with an intelligent mind and a good heart, greatness is within reach.