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Taking a business internationally is a big decision and it comes with many risks that need to be thought of before taking the plunge. Maarten de Jeu has been helping his clients go internationally for years and he has some advice for others who are considering crossing some borders to get their product to a new audience. It may seem like it should be simple, but there are plenty of things you will have to consider to be as prepared as Maarten de Jeu believes you should be when making a big move like going international.


Being multilingual is a skill that has helped Maarten de Jeu a great deal in his career. As a business strategist, Maarten de Jeu not only has to speak the language, but he also finds it important to be aware of the differences in culture and law. Being ignorant or not respecting cultural norms can lose you customers while breaking laws might find you in prison even if it legal in the United States. Some of the areas of law that you want to focus on intellectual, property, and employment laws in the new country before you make the decision to start your business. Research is key and you can even talk to people from the area to ask questions to learn more about their culture.


A huge factor about expansion is deciding if you have the resources to do it or not. If you don’t, you will likely have to find people willing to invest in your company. It’s good to keep in mind that these types of investors aren’t just handing out money and you may have to focus on saving the money up yourself or abandoning international expansion altogether for the nearby future. Even if you do have the assets, will your company still be okay if the international expansion doesn’t do as well as you had hoped it would have? Don’t ignore the risks and red flags. Instead, explore them and think about what you have to do to counter these negative thoughts. Learn more:


Maarten de Jeu believes that international expansion is a big step when it comes to expansion and it’s also possible it could be a disaster. Take your time and don’t rush in because that is how mistakes are made. Maarten de Jeu is known for being an attorney with a great deal of experience when it comes to international business and global strategy. He is often sought out for his advice and has been able to get some great results for the companies that come to him for assistance at SVM Business Advisory.

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