Madison Street Capital Builds Business Throughout US

Published / by soundproof

Madison Street Capital works hard to offer support and financial advice to international businesses. They are based in Chicago and over the years they have build an impressive resume. The Madison Street Capital reputation is known to be exemplary and they have proven themselves to be a reputable company again and again. They are able to help other organizations obtain access to credit, deal with complicated transactions, and make money saving investment decisions.


In 2014, Madison Street Capital began advising Vital Care Industries, a firm based in Illinois. Thanks to them, Vital Care was able to find a good lender and get a commercial loan. The chief executive publicly announced his pleasure to work with Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala, was recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts just one year after working with Vital Care. He was given the “40 Under Forty” award. This was a huge award to receive because it is only given to young leaders in business that have already had several professional accomplishments. Marsala has 14 years of experience in the business field and has a master’s degree. This background provides him with the foundation he needs in order to serve as Madison Street Capital’s chief operating officer.


Madison Street Capital was named on the M&A Advisor Awards finalist list in 2016. This was due their amazing acquisition, restructuring, and financing deals. They gained so much attention for their impressive deals that they were nominated for the top boutique investment banking firm of the entire year. Madison Street Capital was also selected as one of the finalists for their handling of industrial merger under $100 million. Then, in 2017, Madison Street Capital won the Turnaround Award. That same year, they also worked with DCG Software Value and helped them merge with The Spitfire Group.


Madison Street Capital fancies itself as a global investment banking firm. They are able to provide clients with merge and acquisition advice, financial options, and other financial services. They have committed themselves to the highest of professional standards and put their business plan first and foremost. Madison Street Capital has worked with many companies in the Public and Private sector. They also work closely with shareholders, Special committees, and boards. At this time, Madison Street Capital has over 100 in house deals that are under exclusive contract and they are getting more every day thanks to their stellar reputation.


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