Madison Street Capital’s $13.2 Million deal with WLR Automotive Group

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WLR is a giant company in the Tristate region and Maryland. It is known for its expertise in lube and car wash, automotive repairs and detailing. On the other hand, Madison Street Capital is a firm that deals with international investment banking. On March 31, 2017, Fredrick MD, the WLR Group acquired some counsel from the Madison Street Capital Group on how to leaseback, a transaction worth $13.2 Million.

Charles Botchway, the CEO of the Madison Group, publicized the transaction which was completed by SCF Realty Capital. Barry Petersen, the Capital Senior Managing Director and a partner of STREAM Capital Partners, led the whole transaction process. President of the WLR Group Randall S. Simpson stated that the transaction on the sale- leaseback which only involved five of their locations had given them the opportunity to reinvest, expand their reach to the emerging market for the carwash business at a quick rate and even raise capital.

WLR Automotive Group is headquartered in Fredrick, Maryland. It was founded in1987 being a single lube centre. It has grown to over 17 locations today. This transaction has given the WLR team a golden opportunity to continue with the expansion of sites in the Northeast markets.

Madison Street Capital reputation over the years is due to the trust they have earned from their clients all over the world, due to their professionals’ top-notch dedication to their professional obligations.

Madison Street Capital is involved in private investment and banking. It serves both private and public business. It is committed to delivering financial advice, excellence, integrity, financial opinion and evaluated services to their clients. Their quality services have led to their clients’ success in the global marketplace. Madison Group declares that prioritizing their clients’ goals has led to their daily growth.

Madison Street Capital is located in Alexandria, Virginia, and headquartered in Chicago. It has a national network. Madison Group believes it will build thriving businesses in the United States and its communities. Madison team is well experienced, has extensive knowledge and connections.Madison rules the world’s middle market in investment and banking firms.

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  1. As brave as he is, Madison has no problem when it comes to investment, both in unassured business too. For he knows that any thing could happen at any time even as has on many occasions says that business is a two directional way, either you gain or you lost. This truth holds true in all type of business, both big and small, no matter how small it is.