Marc Beer a Legend in the Biotech Industry

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Marc Beer is a celebrated serial entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the Biotech industry. Beer for close to three decades has helped provide leadership in the industry and has established not one or two but close to dozens of biotech companies. Beer is an alma mater of the highly regarded Miami University where he pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Business.

Marc Beer immediately after school joined the healthcare industry and was first employed at Genzyme as a pharmaceutical sales and marketing representative. Beer worked hard in that position and within no time climbed the ranks to become the firm’s Vice President of Global marketing. Genzyme is a NASDAQ listed company that focused on the production and development of rare disease drugs. It is estimated that more than 300 million people in the world suffer from rare diseases that are estimated to be over 7000. Genzyme realized that the sector was medically underserved and as a result, focused on developing a product line that would address the rare disease menace. The experience Beer received from Genzyme prepared him for more challenging tasks and roles in the industry. Learn more:

Marc Beer, an entrepreneur at heart after serving Genzyme for several years, felt it was time that he established his own business. Beer in 2000 founded ViaCell, a biotech company that he successfully built from scratch. The company within a short time blossomed, and by the year 2005, the company had gone public and became a NASDAQ listed company. Beer served in the company as founder and CEO for seven years. In the year 2007, a lucrative acquisition opportunity presented itself, and Beer could not resist the offer. PerkinElmer wanted to purchase the company for 300 million dollars, and Beer thought that was a good deal, and he gladly accepted. By the time Beer was leaving the company, the company had grown by leaps and bounds and employed over 300 people.

Marc Beer’s latest venture is Renovia Inc a pelvic floor disorder product line company that Beer co-founded in 2016. Beer remembers how Renovia came into being and says the company started from a phone call received from Dr. Ray Iglesias, an experienced gynecologist. Dr. Iglesias, for over three decades, had performed thousands of pelvic floor surgeries and had invented a method that would help women with the condition avoid going through surgery. Beer bought the idea, and together with Dr. Iglesias and Yolanda Lorie started Renovia. Renovia Inc is headquartered in Boston, and ever since it first opened its doors, it has provided an alternative treatment method to the millions of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. Beer serves as the firm’s CEO and is in charge of growth strategy formulation and device commercialization, among other things. He has also been very instrumental in helping the firm raise capital through Series A and B funding.

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