Matt Fleeger Makes a Huge Donation to Sadie Keller Foundation

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The Sadie Keller Foundation is devoted to offering support and empowerment to children and families struggling with childhood cancer. The Foundation is a critical source of love, genuine care, and support for families of young patients dealing with this terrifying menace. Sadie Keller foundation also pushes for increased spending on the research and advancements in childhood cancer to fight against pediatric cancer.

The best part about this Foundation is that the founder is a cancer survivor. Ten-year-old Keller survived acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The 5th grader is the strong force and inspiration behind this important philanthropic mission. Sadie was diagnosed with cancer at only seven years. For close to three years, Sadie endured a series of infections, rare and complicated side effects and blood transfusions to overcome this life-threatening condition. The need to receive weekly chemotherapy treatments made her miss out on her 2nd and 3rd-grade years completely. Cancer deprived the little girl normal childhood years, and on May 26, 2017, Sadie went through her last chemotherapy treatment.

Excited and grateful to be alive today, Sadie is committed to making the experiences of children who have cancer bearable. She is achieving this dream through the Sadie Keller Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation, she has accessed many platforms to narrate her story and experiences while battling pediatric cancer. She uses such platforms to encourage children and families going through the painful ordeal.

Besides giving care, love, and support, Saddie Keller is keen on ensuring that more money is made available to the management of pediatric cancer. She is concerned that only 4% of the funds from the US Federal funding for cancer research is allocated to pediatric cancer. Sadie Keller Foundation, therefore, reaches out to corporations to contribute towards the same. Some of the institutions that have been financing the Sadie Keller Foundation include The Seay Group Realty, Mays Family Foundation, The Kimberly Hotel, and Coulder Peak Capital.

Recently, the chief executive officer of Gulf Coast Western, Inc., made a significant donation. Matt Fleeger raised $14,000 for Sadie Keller Foundation. Fleeger is a recognized entrepreneur in the oil and gas, tanning, and medical waste management industries. Matt Fleeger is famous for his giving towards children causes. His contribution to the Foundation will go a long way in supporting gift packs for children and families battling childhood cancer.

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