Max Salk and Courage To Hold

Published / by soundproof

Max Salk may know that it is really hard to hold something of value, particularly when it comes to stocks and other illiquid investments in the private markets. Investors such as Peter Thiel sold Facebook stock at the moment the company went public. Why?

Because Peter Thiel needed liquidity. Of course, it is not like Thiel lost any money, he simply missed out on making more money. Max Salk would realize that when one sees an investment and sees that it is wildly moving up in value that it can become quite tempting to sell because one wants to lock in some sort of gains. They want to have liquidity and they want to have their gains.

Different types of investments, as Max Salk knows, may be seen as venture capital investments, they are typically not liquid but may provide tremendous returns if approached in the right manner and held to maturity.

The crucial idea is to have the courage to hold for as long as possible, as long as the market will bear, while investing in the people that will make a difference.

See, for an investment in a company in the early stages, the leaders have to make the right decisions, analysts such as Max Salk, are well aware of this.

Marketing Matters

If only there was a way that you could have told the customers about your business being in service. 

That is how it goes in real life. Your customers could pass up your website or your physical store simply because they have no idea what it does or even if it is in operation. 

Remember, marketing is not just spend. It is an investment. And you need to make the investment to earn the revenue. 

As a leader, investing your money into this medium smartly is what your decision should be based on, rather than not investing it at all.

Keeping this in mind, make sure that you do not think about saving the big bucks when it comes to marketing. Remind yourself that if you don’t do the effort, your customers wouldn’t know about your existence.