Meet Paul Mampilly: A Prominent American Investor

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Paul Mampilly began his career in the year 1991 on Wall Street. He started as an assistant portfolio manager at the famous Bankers Trust. Expert Paul Mampilly quickly advanced to a top position at the Deutsche Bank as well as ING. Here, he had the role of managing multimillion-dollar accounts. In the year 2006, the owner of the Kinetics Asset Management, a company that was worth 6 billion dollars recruited him to manage and regulate their hedge fund. Under the management of his expertise leadership, the asset of the company rose to about 25 billion U.S. dollars. This did not only earn Paul Mampilly, but also the company got into the list of the best performers in the industry.

Paul In search of a better and a New Financial Street

About Paul Mampilly, the former hedge fund manager, remembers the events that happened in the year 1989. Being one of the financial club members at the college, he decided to visit the New York Stock Exchange. Here, the investment banker chose to welcome him to Wall Street. Luckily there was a guide who helped Paul and the other group of students, learn more about the stock exchange. During those days, there were few computers. People used to place orders via phone. In fact, investors owned portable investment facilities that helped them monitor and check their investments. Paul Mampilly remembers how people used to scream when the time for the opening bell to be rung approached.

He makes it clear that there used to be pin-drop silence during this time. The opening bell was usually rung at about 9:30 am. During this time, the entire floor used to be in a state of chaos. Paul Mampilly says that exchange floor continued changing as the years passed. It became quieter as well as more subdued. Nowadays, the Wall Street exchange floor survives in the form of tradition rather than an important facility for the traders. Nowadays, investors use computers to place orders. Others work with highly experienced brokers who have access and are used to complex software platforms. Nowadays, Wall Street comprises middlemen featuring lawyers, investment bankers, auditors, analysts, and various exchanges. In this case, his main role is to trade and sell stock. Individuals intending to participate in this kind of trade need to find their way up via a complicated network.