Merry Mama? Drink Wine and Earn Money!

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These days the direct sales market has exploded with offerings across the board from clothing to jewelry, candles or health products and more. Stay at home mothers have particularly benefited from this business model in that they can supplement their income while still staying home with their children during the day. So what makes The Traveling Vineyard a perfect choice for anyone looking to supplement their income?

First of all, the Traveling Vineyard is tailor made for the at home party sales model. People love to get together to socialize, learn about wines and food pairings and then transfer this new found knowledge into purchasing a few bottles. Wine is a natural offering in a party type atmosphere. Secondly, unlike other direct sales models the Traveling Vineyard does not require its sales representatives to purchase and maintain a large inventory other than a 5 bottle tasting set. This economical factor goes hand in hand with a low start up cost of $189 and no monthly minimum sales requirements.

In addition to the monetary benefits a Traveling Vineyard representative can reap is the knowledge of sommology gained. Learning the science behind food and wine pairings is a rewarding part of becoming a Traveling Vineyard member. A wine guide has access to both in-person and online tools to increase their wine knowledge.

Once you sign up to become a wine guide, you are assigned to a leader in your region who can offer you personalized support and you also gain access to The Tasting Room, the online training center for The Traveling Vineyard.

For more information, connect with other Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides on Facebook.

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