Michael Phelps and Talkspace Team Up to Help Fight Stigmas Around Mental Health

Published / by soundproof

Michael Phelps is a Gold Medal-winning Olympic swimmer who has been public about his struggles throughout his life battling against anxiety and depression. He wants to help dispel some of the stigmas and shame attached to mental health issues in the United States and across the globe.

Talkspace is an online therapy service that works on any internet-capable device. They offer an affordable, more flexible method of seeing a therapist by utilizing the connectivity of modern technology. They employ licensed therapists to have text session with their clients, saving the client money and allowing both parties more leeway in their weekly scheduling.

Phelps and Talkspace have announced a partnership, working together to try and break through the social stigma surrounding mental health and therapy. By presenting his own story for the world to see, Phelps hopes to show that seeking therapy when you need it is an act of strength, not weakness. Talkspace is helping him spread his message in the hopes that they can reach more people with their service.

Talkspace provides one-on-one therapy via text conversation at rates that are below the average therapy visits’. Their system allows anyone with an internet device to send message to their therapists when they feel up to it, and the therapists respond during certain windows during the week- up to twice a day, five days a week. They offer several levels of treatment, all with licensed therapists that the clients can choose for themselves.

Clients can “meet” their therapists through the Talkspace website, seeing the experience and education that their therapists possess. They have profiles and a guest blog written by their therapists to peruse, allowing the clients the same level of choice that can be found in therapy offices.

Talkspace was founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank. Based in New York, Talkspace’s primary mission is to bring mental healthcare to a broader array of people. Their’s and Phelps’ missions were aligned, so the partnership seems natural. With Talkspace helping Phelps spread the word, and Phelps endorsing Talkspace, they should be able to reach some people and help them.