Nicolas Krafft Lands a New Appointment at Pulp Riot

Published / by soundproof

The L’Oreal Paris company recently held its second fashion and beauty show. This show is usually conducted on a yearly basis. During the event, the season’s new and improved looks were displayed. This event was a perfect chance for the company to showcase its undisputable devotion in ensuring that both fashion and beauty are more and easily accessible to customers. This annual event was freely open to anyone who had the desire to attend. In attendance, were also most of the highly recognized personalities in fashion and beauty.

Women’s beauty is said to be very much diverse, and therefore, this attribute was the main aspect during the L’Oréal’s beauty and fashion show. Some famous models, such as Louise Bourgoin and Eva Longoria, were in attendance. A lot of creativity and diversity was displayed during the event. The company’s world-wide Hair Artist and the makeup artist developed a total number of seventy makeup displays and new hair for the company’s customers. Various models, including Isabel Marant and Sonia, went ahead and graced the occasion by parading some current jewelry collections.

The passers-by were also not excluded from the event’s activities as they had a clear view of the many and very large screens that were set up during the event. Nicolas Krafft is one of L’Oréal’s former employees who spent a considerable length of time working for the company. He had the ability to effectively manage the wide range of products produced by L’Oréal, which is one of the most prominent cosmetics firms in the world. He worked so hard and therefore, produced excellent results for the company.

Nicolas Krafft originates from Switzerland. He studied at the University of St. Gallen where he pursued a degree in accounting and finance. He states that he has been a leader for a better part of his life. Nicolas Krafft currently holds the position of the International Overall Manager for yet another prominent brand by the name Pulp Riot. He terms his new job as an exciting opportunity for him. He also promises to work so hard in order to bring improvements.