Nina Vaca and Her Everlasting Legacy in Entrepreneurship

Published / by soundproof

Nina Vaca

Nina Vaca has significantly contributed to global business for over 20 years. With all of her experience, it’s logical that she should be able to do her job in her sleep. Some might even say that being one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world, and the Chairwoman/CEO of a multi-national corporation would be the pinnacle of her business life, But that’s not how Vaca sees it.

Vaca is not famous for taking the easiest approach or sitting idly by while she rests on her past successes. Vaca’s path has been nothing short of inspiring for no other reason than because she manages various corporations and wants to always be living a life that is challenging her at every step.  By living life this way, she has continued to exceed the expectations others have set for her and continued to reach the consistently high expectations she’s set for herself.

According to Vaca, change is one of the very critical things in life. Vaca considers changing the world around her a responsibility that she is always striving for. After all, her platform is vast, so there is a better opportunity for her to make significant change in the world.

Vaca started her journey with just a simple Dell computer and $300. She knew her potential and ability to change her destiny. She had no experience in entrepreneurship or huge amounts of capital to establish a large company, but she built her business and started cold-calling corporations. She had been working most of her life and was instilled with an incredible work ethic by her parents, so she was confident that she could deliver. Her company, Pinnacle Group, started out slow but was soon well on its way to high successes, including being named the “Fastest-Growing Women-Owned Business” in 2018.

Vaca’s ability to focus on building an immensely successful company AND be a mother makes her success story even more incredible. She never settled for less than what she thought she could get and she was so highly determined to make a good story out of her struggles that it didn’t take long for her to do just that.