Nitin Khanna and Succesfully Measuring Risk to Reward

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Merger Tech

Nitin Khanna founded Merger Tech as a place where he could gather together entrepreneurial startups in Mobil Technology and he could lead them to execute their ideas and reach their maximum potential. Nitin Khanna founded Saber Software, a software company that developed election software. Nitin Khanna and his brother expanded Saber Software to enable governments to communicate with state-run programs and those applying for these services: childcare and support, DMV systems, and retirement systems. Nitin Khanna believes in people and the power of a team that has the potential to execute and fulfill its vision and culture of success. According to Nitin Khanna, the execution of plans can only reach its maximum potential when carried out by highly qualified individuals driven by creativity and team spirit.

Early Beginning and Influence

Nitin Khanna admits that some of the greatest influences on his career were his family who surrounded him while growing up in India. In a recent report by Nitin Khanna said that he came from a family of entrepreneurs who were constantly planning and executing their plans into small but successful businesses. The various businesses were drawn up by his immediate family or by Uncles. These plans could range from simple camera shot studios to selling motorcycle parts or making cement for local businesses. Whatever the plans they were drawn out and executed. This entrepreneurial mentality he was exposed to as a youth became for him later a road map for his own plans to start Saber Software or Merger Tech.

Similarities and Differences

Nitin Khanna understands that all of the companies he has started and led to success have similarities as well as differences. The similarities are the belief in the people who surrounded him as well as the quality of the talent he gathered together and shared his vision, culture and expectations. The differences were the people who surrounded him. Every successful business depends upon the creativity and passion of each team member to execute the overall plan, but also to execute on a micro level so that all the parts lead to one success and execution. Nitin Khanna likes to repeat often his deep, deep belief in people and their contributions to the success of the enterprise you are executing.

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