Organo Gold Services

Published / by soundproof

Organo Gold is a prominent company started in 2008 by Barnado Chua; he aimed at providing beverages to more than a million customers across the globe. The policy and the primary goal of Organo Gold involve providing the best services and products made using natural ingredients to benefit the body in different ways. Over the year more than 1000 employees have been employed at Organo Gold to oversee each process of coffee production. Bernado Chua as the CEO has the responsibility to ensure that all employees are provided with a healthy working environment and that they serve clients with the best products.

Organo Gold deals with a variety of coffee line beverages flavored in different ways, teas and brews. All products used to make this product are acquired from organic products like the oil from grape seeds, and Ganoderma Lucidum an ancient mushroom that has many benefits to the body. These natural products help to boost the immune of the body, increase body energy as well as ensuring universal body healthcare.

Some of Organo Gold products include the organic King Coffee made from the Ganoderma Lucidum spore powder. This coffee has a unique taste that’s preferred by many customers. They also sell a variety of body supplements including the Fenix XT and Ganoderma Mycelium; they help to regulate body stigma as well as increasing its performance by combining the hydration to a powerful boost that promotes body muscles strength and thus a person can work for long without feeling tired.