OSI Group Has Just Made A Major Pickup As A Result Of A Big Acquisition:

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Rose Packing Company has been in operation since 1924 and over the course of nearly one-hundred years, the firm has established itself as one of the top pork product wholesale firms in the food industry. The company has its home base located in the Illinois community of Barrington and operates a processing plant in Chicago where employees produce pork products such as loins, brats, bacon and pizza toppings among many other great items. The success of Rose Packing Company has made it a sought after entity and in a major annoucement, it has been revealed that fellow Illinois food operation OSI Group has just acquired full rights to all assets at Rose Packing.

In regard to this big food industry transaction, Kevin Scott, a Senior Executive VP for the North American branch of OSI Group has stated that Rose Packing Company represents an outstanding and complementary addition to the business that OSI has established. OSI is one of the leaders in global food provisioning and has an extensive network of operations located around the globe. This impressive network has been built off of these types of strategic acquisitions as well as from forging important partnerships. The fact that Rose Packing Company has such a strong presence in the area of sales and service has made it highly attractive to OSI Group. Adding Rose Packing Company also adds a great amount of new capacity potential for the team at OSI Group.

These excitement expressed by OSI Group officials is mirrored by the team at Rose Packing Company and this has been exemplified by the position of the Rose Packing CEO Dwight Stiehl. Dwight, along with his management team, is going to stay on board now that the company has joined the OSI family and they are looking forward to what the future holds now that the two companies will operate under one banner. This acquisition is yet another way that OSI will be able to deliver its legendary customer service to its dedicated base of clients that it serves diligently.

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