Serge Belamant’s Innovations

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Serge Belamant is world famous as the founding patent holder of blockchain technology. He first invented the technology during the late 80s for use in smart cards for banks. These smart cards had microprocessors that worked both on and off-line. This technology is still used by banks, governments, and private individuals for faster processing of financial transactions. In its earliest stage, blockchain technology was used by the financial industry to help increase their transparency, accuracy of data, and security.

Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953, moving to South Africa with his family when he was 14. There he attended the Highlands North High School for Boys. He did extremely well in both academics, sports, chess, and bridge there, graduating in 1972. He then began attending Witwatersrand University with a concentration in engineering. During his second year switched to a concentration in computer science and applied mathematics. For his third year, he transferred to the University of South Africa with a concentration in information sciences.

Sadly upon his transfer, UNISA would not accept most of his WU credits. This meant that after his third year Serge Belamant would have had to retake most of these classes. Instead of doing that, he quit the university after the third year and entered the workforce. At that time he was 22. His first job was with Matrix as an engineer. His special gift with computers was soon realized and highly utilized for the rest of his career. While in charge of the computer department of the Pretoria, Witwatersrand and Vereeniging road planning project he developed revolutionary breakthroughs in computers involving statistical methods, digital mapping, and graphic interface creation.

In 1980 and 1982 Serge Belamant was named analyst of the year based on his work for Control Data. Later that same decade he was made a consultant for Bancorp. By this time he had made many revolutionary developments but it was during his time with SASWITCH that he invented his historic blockchain technology.

About Serge Belamant:

Why Wen by Chaz Hair Products?

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Why do women spend so much time focusing on their hair? Some people might write it off as just superficial, but we all know that how we look is very important. Matter of fact, anyone who has studied evolutionary biology knows that the appearance of your hair often allows the world to know the state of your health. So what we do today to simply look good, has been a million year process of simply marketing ourselves as healthy women ready for a partner, reveals Wikipedia. Of course, not all of us are seeking a mate, but having healthy beautiful hair is important nonetheless.

Some of the best ways to get healthy hair is by using a high-quality conditioner and shampoo. Many people make the mistake of simply choosing any hair care product that has been marketed to them, or simply what they find in the store. If you want your hair to look the very best, then you need to use high quality hair products.

One company that has a great reputation for creating the best hair care products is Wen by Chaz. This company has a great reputation for their hair care products because they do a lot of research and development into the best chemicals, the best natural compounds and hair products for every different hair type. When it comes to having the very best hair care products that you can find, Wen by Chaz Dean is a very good choice.

Whether it be for beauty, vanity or just good hygiene, using the best hair care products that you can find will help you achieve your goal. Learn more about why Wen by Chaz is a great choice for all your hair care needs. With this company you will find products that perfectly fit your type of hair. Achieving the look that you have always wanted is much easier when you have the right company providing you good products. Head over to the website for additional information.

American Producer And Host Ryan Seacrest

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Ryann Seacrest is a celebrated radio and television broadcaster both locally and internationally. In May 2017, Ryan Seacrest has joined the Emmy award winning “live” team permanently to co-host with Kelly Ripa on a show dubbed ‘live with Kelly & Ryan’. Additionally, Ryan Seacrest is known for hosting the competition show “American Idol”.

Ryan Seacrest hosts on KIIS FM, “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” and “Top 40” shows. These are the top shows in the market and they both top in #1 nationally-syndicated shows in Los Angeles. Ryan Seacrest is the executive producer and host of New Year’s Dick Clarks Rockin’ show Eve with Ryan Seacrest and also Red carpet Live and New Year’s Eve award winning show.

In 2006, Ryan Seacrest founded (RSP) Ryan Seacrest Productions, which has grown to be a powerhouse even winning an EMMY award. Ryan Seacrest Productions creates written, unwritten and digital programming. RSP has produced hit shows like the Kardashians reality TV show, Red Carpet live show, “Shades of Blue” and “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” a reality show that bagged an award.

Ryan Seacrest as an entrepreneur, has invested in several entertainment and media houses. This includes; Pinterest, Civic Entertainment Group among others. Ryan Seacrest has also set up solo investments in DigiTour Media which is an upcoming entertainment company.

In 2014, Ryan Seacrest launched “Ryan Seacrest Distinction”, a men’s tailored accessories and tailored collection, exclusively at Macy’s. In the last several years, at Macy’s, Ryan Seacrest Distinction has been ranked as one of the best menswear launches. Ryan Seacrest plans to launch “Ryan Seacrest polish” by Dr. Lancer. This is a men’s skincare business in partnership with Dr, Harold Lancer, the famed Hollywood dermatologist. Ryan Seacrest has long term endorsements relationships with brands like Ford and Coca- Cola.

As a philanthropist, Ryan crest chairs his foundation “Ryan Seacrest Foundation” for the last 8 years. RSF has opened Seacrest studios and media centers in pediatric hospitals. It’s dedicated to inspiring youth through education and entertainment focused initiatives. Ryan Seacrest serves as honorary of the Grammy foundation and on the board County Museum of Art for Los Angeles.

Ted Bauman on Amazon

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Back 2008, the king in the tech universe was a man named Dorrie Careers. That was the entire year Steve announced á gadget that could replace the world. Because everybody knows, that gadget was your iPhoné. And even it adjusted his complete firm. Today the iPhoné may be the virtually all well-known Touchscreen phone in thé world based on the market research company Kantar Worldpanel. It primarily represents ovér 75% of total gross income at Apple.

Gary Jobs passed on in 2011 yet a young version known as Jéff Bezos of Amazón has walked directly into load the management Careers left out. Amazon is undoubtedly thé 4th most valuable organization on the brand new York Inventory Exchangé with a market max of $560 billion and offers almost everything. Tens of millions of individuals sign up to its Best mémbership system free of charge shipping and delivery, free TV ánd free of charge video streaming. Perfect members depend on Amazon mainly because théir initial, and frequently simply, stop fór online buying. Annualized proceeds currently work at almost $170 billion dollars.

Ted Bauman Introduced

Some analysts spénd all their times showing as speaking heads ón CNBC or perhaps Bloomberg TELEVISION SET. Others spénd their times keeping the concentrate on crucial financial ánd expenditure concerns. Ted Bauman suits in this latter group. Put simply, Ted’s eyes on providing outcomes to get his followers. A lot of you now scanning this article are aware of Ted’s wórk but also for other folks, this is what Allen Bauman is focused on.

Ted Bauman may be the editor of Thé Bauman Letter, á monthly syndication totaling more than 100, 500 subscribers specialized in enabling visitors to preserve ánd protected the wealth through innovative choice, legal and private strategies.

Furthermore, Ted Bauman likewise writés Wise Cash company, an ETF-trading system, and Alpha Share Alert, a weekly trading service. Equally, derive from systemic or “algorithmic” trading devices that this individual developed.

When an economist instead of a typical stock expert, Ted Bauman will be able to bring a wider point of view to advertise trends and provide visitors with different insights into the things that bring them revenue – and the ones that impact it.

Fredom Checks: Compounding Earnings While Legally Avoiding Taxes

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Taxpayers who do nothing to prepare for retirement feel that social security will cover all their expenses when they are old. Depending on their payments over the years into the social security system, the most they may get per month ls $2800. This figure will not help everyone maintain their current standard of living. Those who want to live well in retirement need to save early and spot investments that will deliver returns that beat the overall market consistently. One investment that can deliver promising returns is Freedom Checks. This investment option offers advantages that other common investments lack. Investing in Freedom Checks is a way to generate a reliable income that can be a great supplement for those who need an additional income stream besides social security when they retire.

The main reason for Freedom Checks being a superior investing style is that when an individual receives these checks, they are not taxed. In order to set this up, an individual needs to choose a profitable Master Limited Partnership to invest in. These are companies that legally operate without paying corporate taxes. MLPs share tax incentives with those who invest in the company. When an investor is paid their Freedom Checks from an MLP, they are not taxed by the IRs. An investor who can avoid taxes legally is going to earn a higher rate of return than an investor who is taxed.

MLPs can avoid taxation if they are producing natural resources, as well as earning almost all of their revenue domestically. Congress passed laws to allow this because they wanted to get companies to produce resources here and help create jobs to strengthen the economy. It is estimated that MLPs are going to be paying out over $34 billion in Freedom Checks and if someone is investing in a profitable MLP, they will receive their fair share. Young people who are serious about starting their retirement goals should be investing in MLPs as soon as possible to start compounding their wealth. Older investors can start receiving their tax-free payouts to start getting their savings to work for them before they hit retirement.


A Sneak Peak Into Guilherme Paulus’ Professional Career

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Guilherme Paulus is an exemplar for many young Brazilian entrepreneurs. He is respected for starting and establishing prominent companies in Brazil’s travel and hospitality industry.

In 2013, Forbes documented him as one of the wealthiest Brazilians. He had a net worth of $1.1 billion.

While many young entrepreneurs emulate him, very few understand how Guilherme Paulus advanced his career from a less experienced graduate to the prominent entrepreneur he is today. Are you one of those entrepreneurs?

If yes, the following is a comprehensive overview of his career. It will help you understand how Guilherme built his career from scratch.

Mr. Paulus started his entrepreneurial career at the age of 24 years. He had just completed his undergraduate degree in business administration, and he was working as an intern administrator at IBM.

While at IBM, Guilherme Paulus met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, a government official with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. Vicente suggested that they start a tourism agency that could serve Brazil’s tourism sector.

The two like-minded entrepreneurs teamed up to start their first startup CVC, a travel agency that would serve Brazil’s domestic and international tourists. Vicente financed the startup while Paulus managed the company’s regular operations.

Paulus managed to sail CVC from infancy to an established travel agency with multiple stores around Brazil’s major towns. Today, CVC Brazil is one of the largest travel agencies in Latin America and Brazil.

Apart from the travel agency, Guilherme Paulus decided to venture into Brazil’s hotel industry. He opened GJP Hotels and Resorts, a company that would open and manage resorts and hotels in Brazil. In 1995, GJP opened its first facility in Sao Paulo.

Within two decades, GJP Hotel and Resorts managed to open outlets in strategic destinies like Maceio, Rio de Janeiro, and Salvador.At present, it operates over 20 hotels in Brazil, and it employs thousands of people.

Besides being a successful businessman, Paulus is also involved in charitable work aimed at improving the living conditions of the less privileged in the society. One of the organizations he works with is PIET, a non-profit organization based in Foz do Iguaçu. The organization offers educational opportunities for the youth, who aspire to work in the tourism industry.

Vijay Eswaran: A Man of Many Titles

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Vijay Eswaran is a reputable entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and motivational speaker. He serves as the chair of the QI Group of Companies that specialize in an array of fields ranging from real estate to education and direct selling. Eswaran has written and published numerous top-selling books such as In the Sphere of Silence, 18 Stepping Stones, and Two Minutes from the Abyss.


Although Vijay Eswaran was born in Penang, Malaysia, he went to college in the UK and attained a degree in social-economics in the London School of Economics. He worked as a taxi driver and other odd jobs to finance his higher education. Later, he relocated to the US, attended Southern Illinois University and obtained an MBA.

QI Group

After 13 years of staying abroad, Eswaran returned to Asia in 1998. He co-founded a multilevel marketing firm that grew to become the QI Group of Companies. From humble beginnings, the company developed to become a multinational corporation with operations in approximately 30 nations worldwide. The company’s success emanates from Eswaran’s policy of service before self that his father taught him. Even though he is the head of a global company, he upholds “the soul of a small company” to serve people at all times.


Apart from his contributions to the business world, Vijay Eswaran is also a philanthropist who purposes to have a positive impact on society. In the QI Group, Eswaran commits to corporate social responsibility as a way of giving back to the community. He created the RHYTHM Foundation to this effect. Additionally, he established the Vijayaratnam Foundation, a charitable agency aimed at offering help in disasters, public health, and education. As a philanthropist, Eswaran has received numerous awards including Asia’s Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011. In his successful career, Eswaran has learned that success and challenges are interlinked and one should embrace the two willingly.

Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade’s Efforts in Ensuring Caoa Grows

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the current chairman and founder of CAOA which is an automotive assembler and distributor. He is a graduated in medicine, but he shifted his career to the automotive segment. His interest in the sector began when he ordered a Ford Landau from a Ford dealership, but the vehicle was not delivered to him because the company went bankrupt. He, therefore, proposed that the resale of the company be passed to him to compensate for the payment he has made.

After the dealership was passed to him, he named it CAOA. Within a few years, the company grew to be the largest Ford dealership. The company also became the official importer of Subaru and Hyundai brands. Dr. Carlos did an exemplary work in ensuring that the company repositions its brand. To increase the sales of the company, he made massive investments in marketing and promotions.

The first year of the CAOA in the industry, saw it grow its sales significantly which made it improve its position in the market share ranking to 15th from 20th. Dr. Carlos believed that further advancement will be achieved if new products are launched. Early this year, CAOA presented Tiggo2 which attracted high sales for the company. In the last Motor Show, the company presented various electric and hybrid models. In addition, the company presented Arrizo5 sedan which is already in stores within Brazil.

Dr. Carlos is feeling happy and honored because he is certain that the company is on the right track and everyone knows the commitment and pride that the company has in relations with their partners. Dr. Carlos is working so hard to ensure that the goals of the business are met by launching new brands in the market. The company uses advanced technologies to strengthen its relationships with its partners and make the company the largest distributor in Brazil.

In less than four decades CAOA has managed to surpass the mark of 1 million cars sold in Brazil. Currently, CAOA conducts its operations in all parts of Brazil. The success of the company is as a result of Dr. Carlos’s efforts.

Find out more about Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade:

Louis Chenevert, Chairman and President of Almost Everything

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Louis Chenevert is a very experienced Canadian businessman. He has had many years of experience working in many different business settings. While he has many years of work experience, he couldn’t do that before getting his degree. Considering that Chenevert was born in Canada, it is no surprise that he attended the University of Montreal where he received his bachelor of business administration in production management.


After attending university, he worked for General Motors for 14 years. It was there that he became the general production manager. After working at General Motors, he joined Pratt & Whitney. He was later made president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999.


Eventually, he left Pratt & Whitney and started working for United Technologies Corporation. Here he became the chief operating officer, director, and president. His achievements did not end there though, in 2008 he became CEO and in 2010 he became chairman.


Due to Chenevert’s years of experience, it is not surprising that he has many pearls of wisdom to dole out. His main tips to improve businesses revolve around investing in the employees of the business.

Chenevert says that one way to invest in employees is through making the workplace enjoyable. In other words, the employees should not dread going to work every day. Another piece of advice that Chenevert has is to reward employees that work hard. While it may seem pedantic in the moment, it does a great deal for the overall morale of the employees that receive the rewards. It also gives them a real incentive to push themselves, thereby garnering the best results. One last piece of advice that Chenevert has to offer is to effectively build the team. Make sure that the employees of the business can work together efficiently.


One other way that Chenevert recommends investing in the employees is through implementing Employee Scholar Programs. Chenevert emphasizes this and his used it in the United Technologies Corporation. He used this to give his employees the opportunity to get a degree in any field that they so desired and the company would pay for all the expenses.


Chenevert is a man of great experience and great integrity. His ability to build successful businesses while not trampling all over his employees proves that with an intelligent mind and a good heart, greatness is within reach.

The Beauty and Brains of Doe Deere

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This is the true story of a unique entrepreneur. With her bright pink hair and soulful eyes, Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and professes that her cosmetics do not just hide imperfections but are a form of freedom and self-expression. These are impressive words coming from a gal born in Russia. Still, she was brought up in New York and is happily living the American dream!

Her mission started in 2008 when Doe created and launched her cruelty free line of cosmetics. What followed was an intense international following, women who absolutely adore her bold colors, vivid hues, and Doe Deere’s “embrace your weirdness” statement!

She might have started out small, working her way to the top, but Doe achieved success on her own terms and does not regret it a bit! She is an avid supporter of other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurship and welcomes contact from these fresh faces who want her advice. That is, if she can find the time!

Doe has yet to discover a “typical day” in her busy schedule. If she is not making sure all her Lime Crime departments are running smoothly, she is working on new products for her eager fans. After this, she must focus on marketing strategies and social media! She has said there is never a dull moment at her place of business and we believe her!

However, there may have been stumbling blocks in her past, naysayers jealous of her success who tried to bring her down, but Doe has always kept a positive attitude and sincerely believes in her customers. The results: An increase in productivity.

Doe Deer is a generous lady who listens to her employees, customers, and – she admits – she also listens to people who do not like her. She learns from them all and has found great success!

We salute Doe Deere and look forward to hearing about her next cosmetic wonder!