Billionaire Bhanu Choudhrie Explains His Investment Philosophy

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Bhanu Choudhrie grew up in India and attended college in the United States. He graduated from the University of Boston with a bachelor’s degree in international business and marketing. In 2016, he graduated from the Owners President Management Program at Harvard Business School.

He has spent most of his career working in London, England. In 2003 the became the director of the investment firm C&C Alpha Group. He also co-founded Megalith Capital Management in 2010 and Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp in 2018. Bhanu Choudhrie also serves on the board of directors of two American banks, Customers Bank and Atlantic Coast Bank.

Due to his savvy investments, Bhanu Choudhrie is now a billionaire. He has one of the United Kingdom’s wealthiest family-owned businesses. He has invested in everything from hotels to utilities to real estate to care homes. He says that his role is to provide the investment strategy that will help the companies C&C Alpha Group owns grow and meet their potential.

Bhanu Choudhrie says that his role model for investing is the legendary American investor Warren Buffett. He points out that Buffett is now 88 years old but he still makes the day-to-day decisions at Berkshire Hathaway. He feels that he achieves half of what Warren Buffett has he will feel very blessed. View Bhanu Choudhrie’s profile at Linkedin.


When he started out investing he took a lot of chances. Since that time Bhanu Choudhrie has gotten more conservative in his approach. He figured out that he didn’t need to take so much risk in order to meet the financial goals at his company.

His company has been invested in the United Arab Emirate since virtually the start. C&C Alpha Group owns Alpha Aviation Academy which is based in Sharjah. This company trains pilots who perform short haul flights for Air Arabia. They are currently able to train 120 recruits at a time. They also operate a flight training school in the Philippines where 500 pilots are training. As he puts it they take pilots “from zero to hero” and the pilot training industry is rapidly expanding.


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Agera Energy, championing for sustainability

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Climate change has been a growing concern all over the world. Energy consumers have become warier of the type of energy they use and are demanding more green and sustainable energy solutions. Agera Energy, a nationwide retail energy supplier, is adjusting to accommodate these changing needs.

Pure wind

Agera Energy has developed a product that seeks to satisfy environment conscious buyers. The ‘pure wind’ was designed with sustainability in mind. The Renewable Energy Certificates (Recs) is equivalent of one Megawatt of electricity and is sourced from certified windfarms all over the United States of America. Agera Energy in itself has obtained approval from Green-e to sell renewable energy. With this product, customers will now be able to substitute 50%or even 100% of their energy consumption with renewable energy.

Agera Energy has been able to increase the market for renewable energy through its over 1.8 million customers. This improves environmental sustainability unlike the use of traditional energy which contributes to climate change.

LED lighting

Agera Energy also provides installation of LED lights to its clients. Led lights are famed for providing better lighting, lasting longer and also reducing energy use by about 20% hence saving costs and energy. Aside from that, LED lighting reduces Carbon (IV) oxide emissions and heat which help in environmental sustainability.

Agera Energy promotes LED lighting by filling rebates on behalf of its clients as well as Including the cost of installation in the monthly bills as opposes to customers paying from their own funds.

The efforts of Agera Energy in providing environmentally sustainable products have set it above its competition. Its innovative and futuristic approach is indeed one to be emulated.

Rebel Wilson on ‘Isn’t it Romantic

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To most of her fans, she is just Fat Amy from the musical series Pitch Perfect. However, Rebel Wilson’s career story starts from way back when she was a small kid. Rebel was born in 1980 at Sydney to her mum who was then a dog breeder and handler.

Rebel was a timid kid and would often feel intimidated when told to talk in front of people. During most interviews, Rebel Wilson recalls her mum dropping her off at a community acting group and she was not in the mood for any new interactions as she was so shy. Her mother had to drag her out of the car and promise her that she would be coming back for her before nightfall.

Her social awkwardness continued until she turned 15, where she got encouraged by her teachers to join the debate club as well as other clubs. When she was 17, she was commissioned as the Australian Rotaract Club Ambassador in South Africa. This was Rebel Wilson’s life-changing moment because while she contracted malaria, she got hallucinations where she saw herself receiving the Oscars acting awards.

By the time she got back to Australia, Rebel had now decided to pursue acting as her career entirely. She enrolled for a degree program at the University of Wales to pursue professional theatrics and performance. While at it, she also got her law degree.

Back home, she had participated in the production of two significant comedies named Wedge and Pizza. She also had produced her film known as Bogan Pride which was an award-winning film. Having studied acting as a professional course, Rebel Wilson has landed onto so many jobs in Hollywood which she considers as lucky, being an Australian.

Moreover, Rebel Wilson has always felt so comfortable in her skin as she believes that her body size is what has helped her growing confidence and it has also helped her land onto some of the best comedy jobs.

Rebel Wilson also considers herself lucky for being a respected woman in Hollywood comedy as this was not possible in the past, especially for actors and actresses that are not American. Rebel is also among the very few Australians that are in comedy.

She points out during interviews that most Australians venture into drama, but that has never been her cup of tea as she feels comedy as part of her life. Whenever she’s asked about how her law degree has helped build her career, she explains that she is well aware of the implications that may come about should anyone try to force her into doing something she does not stand for such as nudity.

Rebel Wilson is back on the screens this year on a romantic comedy movie known as ‘Isn’t it Romantic.’ Rebel will feature as a lady who does not believe in love despite having watched so many soap operas. However, her perspective is changed when she is mugged and finds herself in the hospital.

Upon waking up, she sees something romantic in everything she sees. Other major Hollywood figures in the movie include Priyanka Chopra who features as a yoga instructor, the handsome actor Adam Devin and Liam Hemsworth. The film was released on 13th of this month, and it was received with so much love from the die-hard fans.

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Agera Energy

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Agera Energy started in 2014. Customers in the area were wanting change. They were wanting lower bills and protection. Agera Energy was very lucky to be firing up a brand new energy company at this time. Agera Energy made sure to train their employees in a way that made sure they would be able to accomplish any problem that would come their way. They wanted them to know how to best reliable service to their customers. Today Agera Energy has over 1 million customers. Over the past 3 years Agera Energy has gained over 600 thousand customers.

They are growing fast. Instead of putting sales first Agera Energy specializes in putting its customers first. They make sure that all of their employees have great customer interaction skills. Interacting with your customers in a way that is positive gives you a better chance of growing your business. Agera Energy is a retail energy supplier, their customers with electricity and natural gas to do their everyday functions including cooking, cleaning, having heating and cooling in their houses, and so much more.

They serve everyone from the smallest apartments to the largest of buildings. Agera Energy works hard for their customers. They want to make sure to provide the best energy solutions for their customers. They make sure they provide the best customer service they can. They try to offer the best prices for their customers. They always make sure to put the customers first. Customers are the most important part of a business and Agera Energy knows this. Putting customers first is what Agera Energy does best.

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Betsy DeVos Takes Immediate Action To Improve The State Of Education For Every American Family

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Betsy DeVos has been in office for two years. She has worked hard as the 11th US Education Secretary. However, it hasn’t been an easy road. At every turn, she has been criticized for her beliefs in educational choice. That hasn’t stopped her from campaigning across the country. Educational choice allows students to pick a school other than the one where they are zoned by residence. In recent years, there have been problems with schools in certain areas that have been dubbed “failing school districts.” In other cases, parents don’t want to send their kids to Common Core method schools.


Betsy DeVos has a hard time appeasing everyone in today’s current political climates, but she does her best to put students first. She talked about this in detail during her interview with “60 Minutes” and Lesley Stahl. As Stahl brought out statistics about standardized testing, DeVos still referred back to the point. Parents and students are stuck in school districts that don’t excite them or speak to their interests. Many of these schools are teaching Common Core, which has also caused a lot of problems for students.


In the 1990s, DeVos fought for educational choice in Michigan. She continued to fight, including the proposal of “Kids First! Coalition” to the Michigan house in 2001. However, it was rejected. Still, she went on to propose many other laws and contribute to the educational choice movement through philanthropy. She has donated over $35 million through DeVos Family foundation, and there have been plenty of other donors who have backed up her campaign.


In fact, she has donors like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton, who also believe in educational choice. While there several problems facing America’s schools, one of the most dangerous is campus safety. President Trump placed DeVos in charge of leading school safety reform in 2018 after the Parkland shooting. It became clear to Betsy DeVos that many people wanted teachers to have guns, as well as other administrators on campus. However, DeVos sought security policies that would deter guns on campus while not bringing in more guns.


Many of these policies went into place before the new school year in 2018. Since that time, there have been no school shootings, and students feel more prepared thanks to better security and drills. While there are still many other policies to create to prevent guns on campus, DeVos continues to work hard and tours the country visiting schools in many districts. First Lady Melania Trump has been touring with DeVos in the past month.


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Nexbank Improving Dallas Livelihood

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Nexbank is a banking company which was founded in 1922 by James Dondero. It is one of the highly prolific banks in the United States. The bank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas State. Nexbank offers services such as institutional services, mortgage banking, and commercial banking.The bank deals with individual clients, financial institutions, institutional clients and corporations within the country. John Hault is the chief executive officer of the banking firm, and he is a highly professional person who ensures the smooth running of the company.

Nexbank Capital aims at enabling its customers to get access to sophisticated financial solutions delivered by experienced professionals. It ensures this by offering services like corporate and financial advisory services, customized programmes, mergers and acquisitions, corporate lending and banking, investment banking, land advisory service, and agency programmes. At first, the bank was known as Heritage bank, but it changed its name in 2005. It is part of Nexbank Capita Inc., which is a big finance company in the United States.

Nexbank Capital is a reputable company in Texas because of the services it provides for the Texas residents and all citizens across the nation. The banking firm also plays a crucial role in the development of Dallas.It has special programmes which are meant to improve the living standards of people living in Dallas and Texas at large. Some of the programmes are Loan programmes, community service programmes, financial education programmes, and economic development programmes.

It undertakes philanthropic activities in the state, and one of the events the bank has done is the funding of the Dallas Women’s Foundation with $100 000. The money was used to support women in Dallas economically and financially.

Banknews announced the completion of over $ 50 million placement to certain high net worth and institutional investors. Since 2016, the firm has raised more than $ 280 million in equity and debt. The sole placement agent for the independent offering of the notes was Sandler O’Neil & Partners, L.P. The notes were not registered under the country’s securities act and it, may not be sold or offered in the state. The notes last for five years and will mature on 30th September 2027. The records were assigned an investment grade rating of BBB. It also qualified as Tier 2 Capital with a stable outlook by KBRA (Kroll Bond Rating Agency) under the applicable capital regulations.


How Gareth Henry Used Math to Become a Good Investor

Published / by soundproof Henry was educated at the University of Edinburgh located in Scotland. The degree he earned was actuarial mathematics. He considered himself to be a math geek. Henry is great with math and finance who holds the position of Global Head of Investor Relations of Fortress Investment Group. He was able to create his business because he had the desire to speak to people regarding investments and liked raising capital.

Gareth Henry uses his day to make almost 10 calls to his clients, and he would a few face-to-face meetings. With phone calls and meetings, he is able to determine the needs of his clients. He believes he easily exceeds 1000 meeting when the road shows he goes on is considered. Henry believes a person dedicated to making business successful begins by providing the business with time. He believes passion and enthusiasm is a must when forming ideas. Henry must feel excited about an idea and truly must believe in the idea to support the idea.

Gareth Henry is interested in an emerging trend that involves blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He believes in the future cryptocurrencies will be a good investment. A trend that has Henry excited is the direct deal. The direct deal is an attractive method for clients who have the desire to complete a deal on their own. He believes a person must be active and position themselves to take advantage of opportunities that arise. Communication with clients will help you understand how to meet your clients’ needs and goals.

Gareth Henry feels feedback is important. You must ask for feedback to ensure you understand what goes on. For a business to be successful and grow, Henry believes business must have mentors. They will have the expertise to answer his questions when needed and ideas gained from mentors could be implemented to help business.

Gareth Henry in his past have taken on too much and it led to failure, but the failure taught him to use a good management structure, and there should be less five people that provides reports to company leadership directly. Henry believes the use of old technology helps him be more productive. According to Henry, there will be times that person must move a little slower to succeed. Gareth Henry Sees Opportunity For Investment Managers In UCITS Funds

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Organo Gold: More Than Coffee

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Organo Gold is a company that is more than just coffee. A company that all started with a cup of coffee, they have evolved to many other products and supplements that help both customers and their distributors alike. Incorporating their vision into everything they do, Organ Gold operates by empowering their distributors.

Organo Gold offers their distributors seven different ways to get paid, making their structure appealing and attainable for those wanting to get involved. From retail profit to bonuses, distributors have seven different ways to find their strengths within the company and earn an income in various ways. The more effort that distributors are able to put into sales, the more compensation will be seen in various bonuses. Because there are so many products available through the Organo Gold line, distributors are able to focus on their strengths, whether it is coffee, tea, body management, or skincare. Organo Gold makes it easy to get started with earning and assists their distributors every step of the way.

3 Reasons Why Agera Energy is the Future of Energy Distribution

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 Agera Energy has a brilliant approach to energy and energy consumption challenges. For the years this company has been in existence, it has not only improved the world of energy consumption but has also its coverage in the USA. It is the first company dealing with energy and energy products to have over 1.8 million customers in over 50 states.

One of the first things that make Agera Energy relevant in the world of energy and energy consumption is its wide range of services. Just like in any other industry, the availability of diverse services and products is a direct ticket to more clients. Unlike other companies in this energy niche, the company has five services it offers to clients.

Some of these products and services that Agera Energy provides include the following. First, this is the first company to offer an independent audit of energy utility invoices. Second, the company has been instrumental in making natural gas supply a reality to most of the USA citizens. Thirdly, Agera Energy is one of the best companies when it comes to electricity supply, renewable energy and natural energy.

Apart from proving a wide variety of goods and services, Agera Energy has become a reference point for efficiency and customized approach to energy needs. The main reason why the company is the perfect example of efficiency and customized services and products in the energy industry is primarily the company’s blueprint. Just like in any other business, the business model is the ultimate guide for the company’s prosperity.

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Steve Ritchie Helps Make Papa John’s Better for Everyone

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There are many different options that Steve Ritchie had when he started working as the CEO of Papa John’s. Even though he had different paths to choose from, he always knew it would be a good idea to start offering a variety of options for the people who needed his help. It was important to him to help employees and customers see that more people could enjoy the company than ever before. It was also a way for him to come up with new solutions to the issues the company had. Since it was so important for the company to keep helping people and providing them with positive solutions, Steve Ritchie knew he was making all the right choices. He felt confident he would be helping people with the options they need and that’s what pushed him to do the best job possible for Papa John’s.

As long as Steve Ritchie knew what people wanted out of the company and what they were doing with the business, Steve Ritchie felt he was making the most out of the industry and the way he could bring changes to the company. It was his job to always let people know he could bring positive change to the pizza industry and to the way people see Papa John’s within the industry. He hoped for a better future for the company and that’s what pushed him to make sure he was doing everything possible with Papa John’s. It’s important for him to keep looking at these options.

While Steve Ritchie knows what it means to be better within the industry, he feels confident he can make things easier for the people who need them. He also feels there are different ways he can help others so they can see more positive options with the company. It’s his goal to always let people know what they can get and how they can make sure they’re doing the best job possible. Even when Steve Ritchie is working toward a different goal, he knows he’s doing things the right way for the company and for people who use Papa John’s.