ROC Nation Executive Desiree Perez: The Behind the Scenes Hip-Hip Industry Trump Card

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While typically an industry dominated by men, some women like Desiree Perez cannot be left without a mention in the worldwide music and entertainment field.With Des Perez having spent over 22 years within the music industry, she most notably affiliated with being part of the Hova Circle of Influence. Jay-Z and his rise from MC to a business icon would not have been anywhere near as smooth with the help of Des Perez. She has a true talent in ensure profits margins are high and talent is treated like royalty.

Jay-Z considers Des Perez to be his trump card. She is a confidant in nearly all important and stressful negotiations. She has only added profitability to the many entities and corporations affiliated with Jay-Z. However, Des Perez also is known for attracting powerful female icons as well. She is known negotiating a $25 million dollar deal with Samsung for one of Rihanna’s tours. But even this was a small deal for Desiree Perez. 2008 Desiree Perez locked in a deal for Roc Nation with Live Nation for $150 million dollars.

As COO of Roc Nation, Des Perez has helped transform the business to incorporate many different services. These include all form of music management and creation, publications, marketing, concert and tour creation, and collaborations with tech and fashion experts. Many in the industry respect the work of Desiree Perez. This respect comes from a place of understanding and appreciation for those willing to put in the effort it takes to be successful in this industry. Artists perform and have millions of people following them on social media platforms. And while Desiree Perez may not run the stage, hype the crowd, or receive the praise she deserves. The numbers and respect are enough for her to sleep peacefully at night.

What Jim Larkin Represents in History and the Labour Community

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History informs us of all the important personalities and their contributions to the current world. When looking at some of the most influential historical figures especially in the labour community, James ‘Jim” Larkin is worth remembering.

He is popularly known for founding ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union). As a fervent Marxist, Jim Larkin was an influential man who steered the labour union in fighting for the workers’ rights.

Jim’s Profile

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool England in 1876. He grew up in the town’s slums and had very little access to formal education. To help his family get by, Jim Larkin had to do a number of odd jobs during his youth. He became a dedicated socialist who beloved that the workers in Liverpool were unfairly treated. He felt that he had the responsibility of changing this unfair tradition. This is how Jim got into activism. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

He joined NUDL (National Union of Dock Labourers) in 1905 and became an important figure in the organization. In 1907, James Larkin moved to Dublin and founded ITGWU. The organization brought together skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers.

Life as an Activist

Years later after the formation of ITGWU, Jim Larkin formed the Irish Labour Party and the movement engineered a number of strikes for workers’ rights. One notable demonstration is the Dublin Lockout in 1913 which invoked over 100,000 striking workers.

The strike ran for almost 8 months before their demands for fair employment were met. During World War I, Jim Larkin staged a massive demonstration against the war. He was arrested in 1920, convicted and released 3 years later.


Though long dead, the memory of Jim Larkin lives on in the books of history. His contributions, especially in fighting for the workers’ rights are worth celebrating.

He is a hero in the eyes of all who love history and the global labour community.

Jim Larkin: Leading the Labor Charge

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Labor movements in the United States get a lot of coverage in the history classes as the times were the beginning of the rise to power for the country. But in Ireland, there was a labor movement that goes relatively unnoticed; the movement to create labor unions in Ireland. Ireland’s non-existent labor union would be changed with the mind of Jim Larkin, aka Big Jim.

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England in 1876 and growing up in the slums of the city, he grew up knowing how much a hard-working man’s labor was worth. When he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers in 1905, he became a full-time trade union organizer.

It was with the NUDL that his socialist ethics came to light as he was transferred to Dublin in 1907 after he organized militant strike methods to try and earn union workers a better pay.

Among his many accomplishments in Ireland were organizing the Irish Transportation and General Worker’s Union in 1907 and the Irish Labour Party. A year later, Larking and the Irish Transportation and General Worker’s Union outlined their political program, which included some aspects of a social security network, means for transportation, and arbitration courts.

The Irish Labour Party was responsible for the 1913 Dublin Lockout, where over 100,000 workers went on strike for eight months and earned the right to fair employment.

He went to the United States before the start of World War I to try and raise funds for Ireland to fight the British. After joining the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, he formed the James Connolly Socialist Club in New York in 1918, after his friend James Connolly who died in the Easter Rising in Ireland.

He was convicted of criminal anarchy and communism and after three years was pardoned and was deported back to Ireland in 1920.

Jim Larkin died in 1947 and is remembered for his tireless work for the Irish labor movement.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Big Jim Larkin: Hero and Wrecker

Rick Smith Reforms Securus Technologies

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Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies in the year 2008 an American firm based in Dallas, Texas. He is an innovative leader with extensive knowledge in business transformation and management. Smith is expected to positively contribute towards the growth of Securus Technologies. His qualities as proven in previous capacities in firms he served, branded him the preferred candidate for the CEO position. The perceived asset in Securus Technologies is an expert and has a performance track record.

The innovator has reformed the operations in Securus Technologies. Through Smith management, the firm is privileged to be among the top providers of correctional Technologies. The company focuses on offering reliable security services to the prisons and the public. Over a million inmates enjoy technology services of the firm with access to authentic gadgets.

Focused on offering inmates and public protection, Securus Technologies ensures access to information in various ways. Through the expertise and creativity of the company, prisoners have access to reliable devices. The gadgets enable them to access the world events by login in through a provided mail address. Securus Technologies has brought about the connection of the planet at the doorsteps of the prison.

While inventing this technology, the principal target was the inmates that at times may be facing long years of imprisonment. Connecting these individuals with the changes on planet, and also their families makes sure they feel connected with the world and families. There are technological changes experienced every day, and this has heightened the rate of competition. Securus Technologies relies on Rick to reform the company operations and instill outstanding market performance.


Mr. Rick Smith is a professional and focused individual who strives to bring the best out of every business he serves. Eschelon-Telkom witnessed a vast business revenue transformation immediately after the stepping in Rick Smith. During his tenure, he managed to raise the company annual earnings from $30 million to $ 350 million. The Securus Technologies CEO earned EBITBDA $80 million.

About Rick Smith

Rick has gained knowledge through enrolling in several educational courses. He is a holder of a degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University based in N.Y, Smith. Before which he had studied in the Rochester Institute of the Technology and attained an Electrical Engineer with associate applied science. The B.A and mathematics masters’ holder, graduated from Rochester’s University and public state University based in Brockport, N.Y respectively. The Eschelon Telecom Inc. president served the company in several positions and raised the leadership ladder due to his performance. Rick served as a vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations and Frontier Corporation. He also worked as a director at Network Plan.

LORI SENECAL; Transforming CP + B Global through phenomenal leadership

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Lori joined CP + B Global back in early 2015 as the director of MDC Partners Agency. Before her arrival, the agency was not structured to accommodate a CEO. Senecal informed the world of her departure from the advertising business and also relinquishing her position and responsibilities at the MDC Partners shop before 2018.

Chuck Porter who is the president and co-founder of CP + B said that the agency had benefited from her management marvel which turned around CP + B to international accolades; bringing in large clients like American Airlines. Additionally, he acknowledged her organizational skills which ensured that the agency did not lose a single customer since her arrival, adding that it is phenomenal given the current competition in the industry.

During her time with CP + B, Senecal established a genius structured communication and management system which worked in favor of the agency, a point which Porter retaliated. Her departure from the company did not come as a surprise as Senecal and Porter had it fore-planned; a move Porter says will ensure a steady handover. He also added that Senecal’s efforts and brilliant leadership would remain a blueprint for the future success of CP + B.

The next crop of CP + B leaders is on course to take over, and this has seen Danielle Aldrich promoted to head CP + B West, that also incorporates CP + B Boulder and CP + B Los Angeles. Before her elevation as President, she was part of the management at CP + B Boulder, where she was a co-manager. Senecal expressed her confidence in the new generation of leaders as most of them have been trained and promoted within the agency.

Lori Senecal is reputable for her excellence in advertising and marketing world. She is credited with initiating ingenious advertising routines. Her specialty is in contemporary technology that helps in resolving business plight. Senecal, who is the last born to her family, has three sisters. She attended McGill University for her degree course. She has set high standards in the advertising world and earned her spot among the best. Follow Lori on Twitter.

Academy of Art University Dazzles at NY Fashion Week

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New York Fashion week is known for its stunning display of fashion and style. One of its highlights was the Academy of Art University showcase. Ten graduates brought out various new womenswear and menswear. It was a dazzling display, all fit into a quarter of an hour. The designers who designed those clothes were very diverse and came from all over the world.


The Academy of Art University, also known as the Academy of Art College (its previous formal name), is a private school in San Francisco. It has over twelve thousand students, with hundreds of full time teachers and more than one thousand part time teachers. It is the largest privately owned art and design school in the country, and it owns a lot of property in San Francisco.


It was founded as the Academy of Advertising Art. It was started in 1929. It also contains an automobile museum.


The university was founded by Richard Stephens. He believed that there were many aspiring artists and designers out there who could become shining stars. All they needed was for someone to teach them and help them bring out their talent. He believed that anyone should be accepted into an art institution, because everyone has a hidden talent that can be perfected and brought out into the open. Graduates of the university have been hired by top brands and companies, including Apple. The university keeps in touch with the latest trends in art and fashion and design. It is strongly passionate about the vision of its founder. They also offer online education.


The university stays true to its mission. It accepts everyone who fulfills the basic requirements of art. It teaches a disciplined approach that lets students develop their very own style and personality. There is a dedicated staff of professional artists and designers who are committed to seeing their students succeed. It operates in an urban area so that students can learn from the various cultures that surround them. There is an environment that provides for creativity and inspiration. There are various programs for students so that they have a wide range of options.


Sensational Malcolm CasSelle

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The phenomenal miracles of technology have skyrocketed many developments in various industries. The application of the man how skills and ideas have enabled an exclusive increase in the level of service delivery to clients. Increased production is another grand achievement with the availability of the technological application. Worldwide Asset eXchange(WAX) is one of those companies enjoying a wide array of innovation in the sales market. Being a decentralized platform, it enables clients to entirely surf virtually in the marketplace without an extra cost in security and infrastructure. Game lovers have a pretty good time while video gaming various magnificent items therein.


Malcolm is the founder and CEO of WAX companies. His exceptional experience has enabled him to spiral his success in almost every market sector. His impressive skills and experiences have allowed him to cope with various dynamism in the business sector. His leadership prowess has enabled him to acquire many business partners across multiple continents. His creativity and hard work have also made him unlock massive business opportunities and investments. Amazingly enough, Malcolm has endeavored his career in building teamwork and the ultimate sole of expanding business empires.


Malcolm enjoys a vast experience in various companies such the CTO company. He currently runs the WAX company, a leading producer, and seller of virtual online video games. The rising demands in the sector have made the company register a robust turnover for quite impressive time. As a computer graduate from the University of Stanford, Malcolm has had an opportunity of leading various iconic corporations. As a CEO of Timeline Labs companies, Malcolm registered a quality leadership placing the company on the world map of most successful social firms. He has as well lead a digital subscription media company of MediaPass. Malcolm has also invested in multi-billion companies such as Facebook and Zynga. He has immensely transformed various economic sectors.


Worldwide Asset eXchange is pleased to take you to another impressive level of innovations, exploring every opportunity in the digital online virtual gaming. Successful trading is the ultimate goal of the company giving you the desired services at affordable costs. Worldwide Asset eXchange is pleased to take you to a pleasurable level of comfort by taking every risk involved.



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Born in September 1959, Michael Lacey is a renowned American Mathematician. Developing keen interest in Mathematics at a young age, Lacey went on to pursue the subject in higher learning institutions. He acquired a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas in 1981. His academic pursuits led him to the University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign, where he received his Ph.D. in 1987.

His thesis centered on the area of Probability in Banach spaces- named after the Polish mathematician that pioneered this concept. His thesis also presented solutions to the Law of Iterated Logarithm. In the following years, Lacey’s groundbreaking work influenced areas such as Probability, Ergodic Theory and Harmonic Analysis. Read more: Michael Lacey | Mathalliance

His professional career began at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. After serving as an Assistant Professor for a year, Lacey moved to the University of North Carolina in 1988. Here he taught Mathematics, specializing in Probability and Harmonic Analysis.

During his tenure at the institution, Lacey worked with his close friend, Walter Philipp to verify the Central Limit Theorem. In 1989, Michael joined Indiana University where he served as an Assistant Professor.

In his time at the institution, Lacey received a Postdoctoral Fellowship award from the National Science Foundation. In the subsistence of this fellowship, he began his analysis of the Bilinear Hilbert Transform. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

This transform had been a hitherto contentious subject in Mathematics. In 1996, Lacey partnered with Christoph Thiele and solved the problem.

Subsequently, the two were awarded the Salem Prize- a prestigious award for outstanding Mathematical achievements. In 1996, he joined Georgia Institute of Technology as Professor of Mathematics.

He has continued to work in the institution’s faculty to date. In 2004, Lacey was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. In 2012, he was inducted as a fellow to the American Mathematical Society.

Dr. Mark McKenna the Enterprising Doctor

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Medical doctor, S. Mark McKenna is a passionate champion of patient needs and committed community servant. Initially, from New Orleans, Dr. McKenna specializes in surgery and Medicine and holds licenses from Board of Medical Examiners of Florida and Georgia states. After graduate medical training at Tulane University, he practiced medicine for a while with his father. At the same time, he launched McKenna Venture Investment, a company that focused on real estate development.

Dr. Mark McKenna subsequently acquired and launched the Uptown Tittle Inc and Universal Mortgage Lending growing his portfolio of companies and the number of employees to over 50. The product offerings also diversified to include finance, real estate closing services and turnkey design-build. However, Dr. McKenna’s business interests suffered destruction as a result of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. But the impact of the storm did not deter him as soon after, he took part in initiatives meant to rebuild the city through the reconstruction of housing that would cater for the low to moderate income earners.

After moving to Atlanta in 2007, Dr. McKenna opened ShapeMed a medical practice enterprise that focused on aesthetic and wellness. Seven years later, Life Time Fitness Inc acquired ShapeMed, and Dr. McKenna assumed the role of National Medical Director at the company until 2016. After serving for over ten years in the aesthetic field, Dr. McKenna realized that several opportunities that could change the sector. Mid 2017, he founded OVME a company that purposes to transform elective healthcare using technology and consumer-based solutions. Doctorpreneur, a CBS show, recognized Dr. Mark’s entrepreneurial efforts by inviting him to the inaugural episode.

Dr. McKenna uses meditation and goal setting to actualize his ideas and meet targets. He reads widely, a factor that has helped him become more productive and knowledgeable as an entrepreneur. Dr. McKenna, a husband, and father of one spends most of his time at work or home. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization. He also served on the boards of the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Dr. McKenna’s advice to the young is to discover and hone their passions at a tender age.

Igor Cornelsen Continues to Dominate the Investment Industry Even after Retirement

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For many businesspeople, retiring is a hard thing to accomplish. They spent much of their adult life working to climb the corporate ladder. The idea of simply no longer working is partly scary, partly hopeful. After spending so many decades in the grind of the corporate world, retirement it supposed to be a reward.

For industry leaders like Igor Cornelsen, retirement has a bitter, sweet taste. The Brazilian native is still one of the most successful investment advisors in the world.

Despite having retired in 2010, Igor continues to have young and old investors ask him for advice. Although he loves retirement, spending most of his days improving his golf skills; Igor is also driven to help people succeed in the stock markets.

His knowledge is so sought after, that he had to partially come out of retirement to set up an advice blog to satisfy all the inquisitive, former clients.

Unlike most other investment advisors, Igor’s advice focuses on succeeding in a volatile market. He specialized in analyzing and predicting what unpredictable markets would do within a certain allotted time frame. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: and

Much of his investment experience comes from trial and error. Trying to navigate the Brazilian markets is one of the hardest professions on the planet.

Brazil has such an up-and-down market that it’s nearly impossible to become a true expert. Igor learned everything he knows about investing from navigating the Brazilian stock market.

His best advice is to learn as much information about a stock as possible. When trusting a professional to buy and sell stock, it’s best to learn as much information about that person, or company, as possible. There are far too many self-focused advisors that are willing to mislead to boost their profits. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Igor’s investment firm, Bainbridge Group, Inc. is one company that many trusts. He founded the company specifically to combat all the self-interest that many investment advisors have.

His company uses all its teams and network connections to provide corporate and individual clients with the best options available.

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