End Citizens United Appreciates Cory Booker Decisions

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End Citizens United is an influential organization that is focusing on making the lives of Americans better. The institution was brought into the market by people who were feeling that dark money was being used to elect corrupt leaders in influential offices. End Citizen was started not long ago, and it has managed to impress the people in the society because of the support it has been giving its candidates in the concluded elections. The PAC is led by people who have been in the American politics for a long time, and this is why it has managed to perform so well. The institution has shown a lot of support to the candidates who support the Democratic Party.

This year, End Citizen United has been campaigning for several candidates in the country. Several individuals have already received great positions in the government because they received the support from End Citizen United. The individuals who have been receiving help from the institution are those that are honest in their careers. Individuals who are corrupt and unjust can never be endorsed by End Citizen United. Last year, the institution lost in the bid to make Hilary Clinton the American president. Despite the challenge faced by the institution in this election, it has chosen to remain strong so that it can elect the right candidates to the Congress. So far, the organization has only been experiencing success. The funds raised by the people supporting the institution have played a key role in the success that is experienced by the firm.

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This year, End Citizen United announced that it was happy because of what Senator Cory Booker had chosen to do. According to a report published by the institution, Cory Booker had rejected some corporate money that was offered to him. End Citizen says that this is a growing trend in America that should be encouraged to make a difference in the country. In the recent times, many politicians have refused to use the money they are being offered by corporates and other institutions in the country. End Citizen United has been encouraging its supporters and candidates to turn down all the money because it comes with some special interests.

End Citizens United leadership is very excited because of the decision that has been taken by Cory Booker. The leaders say that Cory has shown to the Americans that he is an individual with all the right qualifications of an honest leader. Getting such a leader is not a walk in the park, especially in a country where corruption is the order of the day. End Citizen United has encouraged more people in the society to follow the example that has been set by the senator in the future.

Where Whitney Wolfe Herd Plans On Taking Bumble

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You can look at the world of apps and see that there are so many places that have already been occupied. We have an app for everything and the market is a tough one to compete in. That’s why people who want to enter the app market need to find a way to separate themselves from the pack and give their audience what they want. Bumble differs from other dating apps in that it gives women the initiative in all social interactions. That’s a very powerful thing that simply changes so much about how we date that it can’t be underestimated.The most important thing to understand about Bumble’s gender dynamics is that it takes away so much of what women complain about in the world of online dating.

Women get to choose who they want to talk to and that makes all of the difference in how interactions happen. The effects of that change are positive for Bumble and have propelled it to a position that many other apps simply couldn’t dream of reaching. We’re going to see this app take off and give people the ability to actually choose what they personally want to see happen. It’s a serious change agent.Wolfe is expanding Bumble into the business world with Bumble Bizz. This new take on career networking is designed to help people find mentors through a similar interface. It has the same swiping mechanism that we’ve all seen but with more to it.

The app is certainly giving people something that they want and it’s hard to look at it and now feel that the app is doing something right, but Wolfe has ambitions to make it so much more than it is now. She wants to make Bumble Bizz a direct rival to many other apps in order to make this app multifaceted.You can look at the history of Whitney Wolfe and see that she has already proven herself in many other areas. This has made it easy to give Bumble the reputation that it needs. It’s an amazing app and it has so much going for it. If it manages to take off we’ll certainly see Wolfe’s name spoken about in a different light. She’s going to have a billion dollar empire at her finger tips and the ability to do what she pleases with it. That has so much going for it that you can’t deny her tact.

Boraie Development is the Best in New Jersey

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The real estate and construction departments are considered to be highly profitable, especially in the recent times. Individuals who have been fortunate to realize this secret have been able to make a lot of wealth in past, and they are doing very well in the markets. Despite the profits acquired by these people, very few have decided to invest in this area. The real estate department is very challenging, and people are forced to use a lot of capital just to make sure that a single project turns out to be successful. The changing markets have proven to be a great challenge for the individuals in this industry. The prices of land and housing properties keep changing, and this affects the operations of the companies in the industry.

There are thousands of companies in the United States that specialize in development and contracting. All of these organizations have one mission of improving the real estate department in the country. However, none of these institutions has been able to beat the competition presented by the prestigious Boraie Development. This company was founded many decades ago, and it has been considered to be the leader in real estate in New Jersey. According to the company website, the Boraie Development came into the United States real estate market more than twenty years ago. The founder of the successful institution is Omar Boraie, and he has remained to be an authoritative figure in the institution.

According to Crunchbase the Boraie Development, under the leadership of its founder has impressed people from all walks of life by the kind of success it has been getting. The institution has a different perspective of handling its affairs. First of all, the institution prefers to use private sources for funding its projects in the country. Some leading commercial banks have given the funds the institution has been using to complete its great projects. The institution specializes in both residential and commercial projects, and this has given it an upper hand in the complicated markets. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The Boraie Development understands the deadline it offers its customers, and it works hard to make sure that it does not disappoint. The founder and other leaders in the company know how to select the right professionals to carry out its projects, and this speaks volumes about its success. Boraie is also a highly experienced professional who has been in real estate for a long time. His expertise has taken the firm to greater heights.

Reference: https://patch.com/new-jersey/newbrunswick/new-voices-keeping-new-jersey-informed

Madison Street Capital; Your Experienced Financial Advisor

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In business, companies are always competing amongst themselves to be the best services provider or product. When a company is trying to compete against other companies, if their service delivery or product is poor or their prices are too high, then its competitor will take way its customers.

This is the case in the financial sector. It is healthy for the betterment of customer satisfaction by the firms. That is why the M&A Advisor Award is presented to the best firm from various categories. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/orland-park-homer-glen/community/chi-ugc-article-madison-street-capitals-anthony-marsala-reco-2015-08-20-story.html

The M&A advisor was founded in 1998 to give insights about acquisition of assets and merging of firms. The firm is one of global leadership institutions for acquisitions and mergers, professionals in corporate finance and delivery of a number of services from its headquarters in New York. The organization honors the best merger and acquisition transactions, companies since 2002.

Madison Street Capital is one of the fortunate firms to have won the Award in the debt financing category. It was so impressive that the firm had managed to win the Award that was being eyed on by over 600 competing companies.

In addition, Madison Street Capital was finalist for Financial Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the year.

Madison Street Capital is a global Investment Banking company based in Chicago dedicated to providing financial advisory to corporates, expertise on acquisition and merging of firms, private equity, valuation services and private businesses. Their services are perceived to give their customers success in global markets. Read more: Madison Street Capital Advisors | Manta and Madison Street Capital | Facebook

They help customers in accomplishing their dreams ranging from raising capital to financial advice. The global growth is believed to be driven by emerging markets, Madison Street Capital shares the view thus helps its clients attaining significance in these markets.

The recent disasters covering many regions in the United states, through organizations like United Way Madison Street Capital has shown its support for the community. The firm has proven that the needs of the clients come before its own. The firm believes in good businesses to improve lives within the communities in the country.

Depending on every clients financial and capitalization situation, Madison has many skilled professionals who are able to take care of it. They identify unique needs of the client and get the best match up between transactions.

In order for a company to keep its customers and get more, it has to know how to handle every customer needs. This is why Madison Street Capital stands out. It has vast experience from of customers from all kinds of markets. Its professionals understand that every situation requires careful analysis to come up with best recommendations.

Through years of experience, has been recognized to offer great advice to well respected firms. Because of the experience, it offers quality and good services.

Alexandre Gama And His Firm Neogama

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Alexandre Gama is best known as the lead executive and founder of Neogama, an advertising agency that nearly twenty years of advertising experience was poured into when he organized it.

He first went to school as the Armando Alvarez Penteado Foundation to study advertising and communications, something that set Mr. Gama up well for his future career in the world of advertising. Mr. Alexandre Gaza’s first job came at Standard Ogilvy & Mather, today known as Ogilvy & Mather, in 1982, where he was put to work as a copywriter and aide to content creation.

Eight years after joining Standard Ogilvy & Mather, Alexandre Gama found a position at DM9 as its creative director, and stayed there for four years. Afterwards, he was bounced around several agencies, then found his home at Young & Rubicam, today known as Y&R, until he left in 1999.

That year, Mr. Gama created Neogama.

Bob Reina Introduces New Software Product

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In a recent announcement, Talk Fusion and its founder Bob Reina launched a new product that will help numerous businesses fulfill a number of marketing objectives more easily. The company introduced the new product known as Live Meetings which provides uses with the ability to hold real time communication. By using Live Meetings, users will be in position to take advantage of a modern application that uses one of the most up to date interfaces and the WebRTC system. With Live Meetings, users can transmit one way videos to hold conferences that entail the use of videos. As a result, it is a very convenient software product that will make holding meetings online much easier. The application itself is very powerful as it can support up to 15 hosts as well as 500 participants per video broadcast.


The founder of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Over the last 12 years, he has built the

company into one of the leading marketing organizations in the United States. Prior to starting up Talk Fusion, Bob completed college and worked as a police officer. While this was a rewarding career for him, he looked to make some extra income on the side. He would sell a number of products to individuals and over time made a considerable amount of money. This proved to him that he had an aptitude for sales and looked to get into entrepreneurship in the near future. Bob would quit the police department to get more involved in the network marketing business. After starting up his own company, Bob would introduce a number of software packages that simplify the marketing process for many customers.


While Bob Reina has developed quality marketing products, he is also among the most charitable entrepreneurs around. Over the years he has given lots of funds to a number of organizations that are looking for assistance. He has donated a lot of money to the Tampa Humane Society as well as an orphanage located in Indonesia. Reina encourages all of his associates to be charitable as well. Whenever a person joins the company and sells its products, they are allowed to provide a free video suite to any one of their preferred charitable organizations. With a charitable mindset, Bob Reina has been able to make a positive impact on his local community. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/8233211796017682


ROC Nation Executive Desiree Perez: The Behind the Scenes Hip-Hip Industry Trump Card

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While typically an industry dominated by men, some women like Desiree Perez cannot be left without a mention in the worldwide music and entertainment field.With Des Perez having spent over 22 years within the music industry, she most notably affiliated with being part of the Hova Circle of Influence. Jay-Z and his rise from MC to a business icon would not have been anywhere near as smooth with the help of Des Perez. She has a true talent in ensure profits margins are high and talent is treated like royalty.

Jay-Z considers Des Perez to be his trump card. She is a confidant in nearly all important and stressful negotiations. She has only added profitability to the many entities and corporations affiliated with Jay-Z. However, Des Perez also is known for attracting powerful female icons as well. She is known negotiating a $25 million dollar deal with Samsung for one of Rihanna’s tours. But even this was a small deal for Desiree Perez. 2008 Desiree Perez locked in a deal for Roc Nation with Live Nation for $150 million dollars.

As COO of Roc Nation, Des Perez has helped transform the business to incorporate many different services. These include all form of music management and creation, publications, marketing, concert and tour creation, and collaborations with tech and fashion experts. Many in the industry respect the work of Desiree Perez. This respect comes from a place of understanding and appreciation for those willing to put in the effort it takes to be successful in this industry. Artists perform and have millions of people following them on social media platforms. And while Desiree Perez may not run the stage, hype the crowd, or receive the praise she deserves. The numbers and respect are enough for her to sleep peacefully at night.

What Jim Larkin Represents in History and the Labour Community

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History informs us of all the important personalities and their contributions to the current world. When looking at some of the most influential historical figures especially in the labour community, James ‘Jim” Larkin is worth remembering.

He is popularly known for founding ITGWU (Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union). As a fervent Marxist, Jim Larkin was an influential man who steered the labour union in fighting for the workers’ rights.

Jim’s Profile

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool England in 1876. He grew up in the town’s slums and had very little access to formal education. To help his family get by, Jim Larkin had to do a number of odd jobs during his youth. He became a dedicated socialist who beloved that the workers in Liverpool were unfairly treated. He felt that he had the responsibility of changing this unfair tradition. This is how Jim got into activism. Read more: James Larkin | Biography

He joined NUDL (National Union of Dock Labourers) in 1905 and became an important figure in the organization. In 1907, James Larkin moved to Dublin and founded ITGWU. The organization brought together skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers.

Life as an Activist

Years later after the formation of ITGWU, Jim Larkin formed the Irish Labour Party and the movement engineered a number of strikes for workers’ rights. One notable demonstration is the Dublin Lockout in 1913 which invoked over 100,000 striking workers.

The strike ran for almost 8 months before their demands for fair employment were met. During World War I, Jim Larkin staged a massive demonstration against the war. He was arrested in 1920, convicted and released 3 years later.


Though long dead, the memory of Jim Larkin lives on in the books of history. His contributions, especially in fighting for the workers’ rights are worth celebrating.

He is a hero in the eyes of all who love history and the global labour community.

Jim Larkin: Leading the Labor Charge

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Labor movements in the United States get a lot of coverage in the history classes as the times were the beginning of the rise to power for the country. But in Ireland, there was a labor movement that goes relatively unnoticed; the movement to create labor unions in Ireland. Ireland’s non-existent labor union would be changed with the mind of Jim Larkin, aka Big Jim.

Jim Larkin was born in Liverpool, England in 1876 and growing up in the slums of the city, he grew up knowing how much a hard-working man’s labor was worth. When he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers in 1905, he became a full-time trade union organizer.

It was with the NUDL that his socialist ethics came to light as he was transferred to Dublin in 1907 after he organized militant strike methods to try and earn union workers a better pay.

Among his many accomplishments in Ireland were organizing the Irish Transportation and General Worker’s Union in 1907 and the Irish Labour Party. A year later, Larking and the Irish Transportation and General Worker’s Union outlined their political program, which included some aspects of a social security network, means for transportation, and arbitration courts.

The Irish Labour Party was responsible for the 1913 Dublin Lockout, where over 100,000 workers went on strike for eight months and earned the right to fair employment.

He went to the United States before the start of World War I to try and raise funds for Ireland to fight the British. After joining the Socialist Party of America and the Industrial Workers of the World, he formed the James Connolly Socialist Club in New York in 1918, after his friend James Connolly who died in the Easter Rising in Ireland.

He was convicted of criminal anarchy and communism and after three years was pardoned and was deported back to Ireland in 1920.

Jim Larkin died in 1947 and is remembered for his tireless work for the Irish labor movement.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Big Jim Larkin: Hero and Wrecker


Rick Smith Reforms Securus Technologies

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Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies in the year 2008 an American firm based in Dallas, Texas. He is an innovative leader with extensive knowledge in business transformation and management. Smith is expected to positively contribute towards the growth of Securus Technologies. His qualities as proven in previous capacities in firms he served, branded him the preferred candidate for the CEO position. The perceived asset in Securus Technologies is an expert and has a performance track record.

The innovator has reformed the operations in Securus Technologies. Through Smith management, the firm is privileged to be among the top providers of correctional Technologies. The company focuses on offering reliable security services to the prisons and the public. Over a million inmates enjoy technology services of the firm with access to authentic gadgets.

Focused on offering inmates and public protection, Securus Technologies ensures access to information in various ways. Through the expertise and creativity of the company, prisoners have access to reliable devices. The gadgets enable them to access the world events by login in through a provided mail address. Securus Technologies has brought about the connection of the planet at the doorsteps of the prison.

While inventing this technology, the principal target was the inmates that at times may be facing long years of imprisonment. Connecting these individuals with the changes on planet, and also their families makes sure they feel connected with the world and families. There are technological changes experienced every day, and this has heightened the rate of competition. Securus Technologies relies on Rick to reform the company operations and instill outstanding market performance.


Mr. Rick Smith is a professional and focused individual who strives to bring the best out of every business he serves. Eschelon-Telkom witnessed a vast business revenue transformation immediately after the stepping in Rick Smith. During his tenure, he managed to raise the company annual earnings from $30 million to $ 350 million. The Securus Technologies CEO earned EBITBDA $80 million.

About Rick Smith

Rick has gained knowledge through enrolling in several educational courses. He is a holder of a degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University based in N.Y, Smith. Before which he had studied in the Rochester Institute of the Technology and attained an Electrical Engineer with associate applied science. The B.A and mathematics masters’ holder, graduated from Rochester’s University and public state University based in Brockport, N.Y respectively. The Eschelon Telecom Inc. president served the company in several positions and raised the leadership ladder due to his performance. Rick served as a vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations and Frontier Corporation. He also worked as a director at Network Plan.