Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade’s Efforts in Ensuring Caoa Grows

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Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is the current chairman and founder of CAOA which is an automotive assembler and distributor. He is a graduated in medicine, but he shifted his career to the automotive segment. His interest in the sector began when he ordered a Ford Landau from a Ford dealership, but the vehicle was not delivered to him because the company went bankrupt. He, therefore, proposed that the resale of the company be passed to him to compensate for the payment he has made.

After the dealership was passed to him, he named it CAOA. Within a few years, the company grew to be the largest Ford dealership. The company also became the official importer of Subaru and Hyundai brands. Dr. Carlos did an exemplary work in ensuring that the company repositions its brand. To increase the sales of the company, he made massive investments in marketing and promotions.

The first year of the CAOA in the industry, saw it grow its sales significantly which made it improve its position in the market share ranking to 15th from 20th. Dr. Carlos believed that further advancement will be achieved if new products are launched. Early this year, CAOA presented Tiggo2 which attracted high sales for the company. In the last Motor Show, the company presented various electric and hybrid models. In addition, the company presented Arrizo5 sedan which is already in stores within Brazil.

Dr. Carlos is feeling happy and honored because he is certain that the company is on the right track and everyone knows the commitment and pride that the company has in relations with their partners. Dr. Carlos is working so hard to ensure that the goals of the business are met by launching new brands in the market. The company uses advanced technologies to strengthen its relationships with its partners and make the company the largest distributor in Brazil.

In less than four decades CAOA has managed to surpass the mark of 1 million cars sold in Brazil. Currently, CAOA conducts its operations in all parts of Brazil. The success of the company is as a result of Dr. Carlos’s efforts.

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Louis Chenevert, Chairman and President of Almost Everything

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Louis Chenevert is a very experienced Canadian businessman. He has had many years of experience working in many different business settings. While he has many years of work experience, he couldn’t do that before getting his degree. Considering that Chenevert was born in Canada, it is no surprise that he attended the University of Montreal where he received his bachelor of business administration in production management.


After attending university, he worked for General Motors for 14 years. It was there that he became the general production manager. After working at General Motors, he joined Pratt & Whitney. He was later made president of Pratt & Whitney in 1999.


Eventually, he left Pratt & Whitney and started working for United Technologies Corporation. Here he became the chief operating officer, director, and president. His achievements did not end there though, in 2008 he became CEO and in 2010 he became chairman.


Due to Chenevert’s years of experience, it is not surprising that he has many pearls of wisdom to dole out. His main tips to improve businesses revolve around investing in the employees of the business.

Chenevert says that one way to invest in employees is through making the workplace enjoyable. In other words, the employees should not dread going to work every day. Another piece of advice that Chenevert has is to reward employees that work hard. While it may seem pedantic in the moment, it does a great deal for the overall morale of the employees that receive the rewards. It also gives them a real incentive to push themselves, thereby garnering the best results. One last piece of advice that Chenevert has to offer is to effectively build the team. Make sure that the employees of the business can work together efficiently.


One other way that Chenevert recommends investing in the employees is through implementing Employee Scholar Programs. Chenevert emphasizes this and his used it in the United Technologies Corporation. He used this to give his employees the opportunity to get a degree in any field that they so desired and the company would pay for all the expenses.


Chenevert is a man of great experience and great integrity. His ability to build successful businesses while not trampling all over his employees proves that with an intelligent mind and a good heart, greatness is within reach.

The Beauty and Brains of Doe Deere

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This is the true story of a unique entrepreneur. With her bright pink hair and soulful eyes, Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and professes that her cosmetics do not just hide imperfections but are a form of freedom and self-expression. These are impressive words coming from a gal born in Russia. Still, she was brought up in New York and is happily living the American dream!

Her mission started in 2008 when Doe created and launched her cruelty free line of cosmetics. What followed was an intense international following, women who absolutely adore her bold colors, vivid hues, and Doe Deere’s “embrace your weirdness” statement!

She might have started out small, working her way to the top, but Doe achieved success on her own terms and does not regret it a bit! She is an avid supporter of other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurship and welcomes contact from these fresh faces who want her advice. That is, if she can find the time!

Doe has yet to discover a “typical day” in her busy schedule. If she is not making sure all her Lime Crime departments are running smoothly, she is working on new products for her eager fans. After this, she must focus on marketing strategies and social media! She has said there is never a dull moment at her place of business and we believe her!

However, there may have been stumbling blocks in her past, naysayers jealous of her success who tried to bring her down, but Doe has always kept a positive attitude and sincerely believes in her customers. The results: An increase in productivity.

Doe Deer is a generous lady who listens to her employees, customers, and – she admits – she also listens to people who do not like her. She learns from them all and has found great success!

We salute Doe Deere and look forward to hearing about her next cosmetic wonder!

Doe Deere and How She Reached The American Dream

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Everyone wants to live the American Dream – to live, build a home and raise a family in the land of the free and in the land of golden opportunity. Everyone has dreamed of making it big in the United States – because as they say “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” And true enough to the claim, the United States has most of the best industry names in the world – which makes it ideal for any dreamer to have that as a set goal – to make it in the United States.


It’s hard to get in the United States with all the Immigration work and processes – and once you have gotten through that, you have one the start of the battle. Here you’ll find that it’s easy to get in the United States but it’s hard to survive in it, and much harder to make it big.


Xenia Vorotova learned this the hard way. Hailing from the Soviet Union, and growing up as a Jew – she has always admired the culture of the United States through media and pop culture. And so naturally, Xenia’s heart grew close to the culture and wanted to move and live in the United States.


By the time she reached 17 years old, she persuaded her mom and her younger sister to move with her to the United States to try the life out there – and there they did.


Remember how immigration processes take a long time? This is exactly what happened to Xenia and her family – her mom was a successful accountant back in their hometown, but the papers were taking too long and they wouldn’t hire her without the proper papers. And so this went on for months and they ended up being homeless and transferring shelters.


But one day, the pickaxe hit gold and light shone upon them – after dark days came their lighter days and now Xenia has formed herself into a successful woman under the name of Doe Deer, now an owner of a huge makeup brand, Lime Crime. Xenia or Doe Deere, is an ultimate manifestation of reaching for the American Dream!

Rebel Wilson Takes On a New Role in Cats

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When Rebel Wilson signed on to do Cats, she knew the role would be different from any role she ever did before. She also knew she’d have to work harder to make sure she was getting everything she could for the sho. It was important to Rebel Wilson to make sure she knew what she was doing and that’s why she put a lot of effort into preparing for the role. Learn more about Rebel Wilson:

As long as she knows what she needs to do for the role, she’ll have no problem playing the part professionally. Even though the part is unlike any other part she’s ever played, Rebel Wilson knows she made the right choice with it. She also believes she can portray the part as good as any other actor even though she’s plus-sized. There are no problems she plans on dealing with because she feels confident about the role.

The time she spent in comedy gave Wilson the chance to learn about what she needed to do as an actor. It also made her see there are many things that go into acting and trying to figure out what she needs to do.

No matter the issues she faces as an actor, she feels comfortable coming up with new ideas and making sure there are things she can do that might help other people see the right way to act. It’s her goal to always show people they can do more with their acting careers. Read more: Stunning Transfprmation Rebel Wilson | The List

Spending time learning about how she can act and what she needs to do to improve her craft allows Rebel Wilson the chance to make the right choices. She knows what it’s like to be seen in a different light because of her size. Follow Rebel Wilson on Twitter

She also knows things will continue changing for her since she didn’t always have the best options in the industry. During her time playing the part in Cats, Rebel Wilson has big plans to make sure she can continue helping people see what positive options they have while they’re working on preparing for different things.

Thanks to her hard work and the options she has in the business, Rebel Wilson knows what it’s like to be a good actor. She spent a lot of time learning how to act and what she needed to do to make acting a priority. She also knew it would be better for her to show people they could have better experiences on their own.

While Rebel Wilson knows the importance of acting, she also knows the right way to approach different roles. Her dedication to trying new things allows Rebel Wilson the chance to make sure people understand how hard she works for her career.

Adam Milstein: Israeli Native with a Golden Heart

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It can definitely be said that the world would be much better off if it had more compassionate and proactive leaders like Adam Milstein. His kindness, generosity, and concern for the well-being of members of the Jewish community demonstrate the type of characteristics that people in the world need to inherit in order to allow society to advance to a level of sustained maturity. In becoming the esteemed cultural advocate and devout businessman that he is today, Adam Milstein not only remained dedicated in spirit to devise plans to positively impact the Jewish community, but he also possessed the courage needed to help defend his country by sacrificing the safety of his life in combat.

Having been a child who grew up with very humble beginnings in Haifa, Israel, Adam Milstein knew right from the start that he was going to be the difference to make a difference for others in his community. At 19, he vowed to protect Israel when he joined the Israeli Defense Forces and fought in combat in the Yom Kippur War that took place in 1973. However, after serving in the war, Milstein then knew that he wanted to pursue a business education and work in the field like his father who was a real-estate developer. Therefore, he enrolled to study business at the Israel Institute of Technology where he graduated with his Business Management degree in 1978 and then secondly with his MBA in 1983 from the University of Southern California after he relocated to live in California in the U.S. in 1981.

After landing a job in real-estate as a sales agent and investing hard work to transform his job into a career as a managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties (private real-estate investment firm located in Encino, California), Adam Milstein knew that there was no better way to celebrate his success than to share his prosperity with others by creating opportunities for aspiring professionals within the Jewish community to take advantage of. Nevertheless, in creative unison with his wife, Adam Milstein co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation to serve the Israeli-American populace with educational, occupational, political resources. As an integral part of the foundation’s mission, Adam Milstein strives to inspire others to adopt the concept of active philanthropy to serve as an extension of help themselves to someone else and to unify these resources to promote philanthropic synergy to maximize resources and benefits for everyone.

Cloudwick helps corporations save millions with better data systems

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Data science is evolving at an extremely rapid pace. Data systems that were considered state of the art just a decade ago are now rapidly becoming obsolete. For corporations that are stuck using these now-antiquated systems, the challenge of migrating all of their data and analytics to a newer system can seem daunting. But the consequences for not doing so can be dire.

That’s why Cloudwick was formed. Cloudwick is a data science company that is dedicated to helping corporations take the step into the next generation of data systems with ease and at a minimum of cost. By making heavy use of open-source and low-cost solutions, including Amazon Web Services, Cloudwick can help large corporations undergo the often-stressful transition from legacy data storage and management systems into cutting-edge data structures like data lakes and the powerful machine-learning capabilities that can run on top of them.

Data lakes are a game changer

Cloudwick specializes in the creation of data lakes for large corporate applications. The company is one of the only firms to hold an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner certification as well as an APN Big Data Competency certificate. This is the result of Cloudwick helping to create and manage more than 50,000 Big Data clusters on the AWS service, many in the form of data lakes. This also makes the company the single largest manager of data lake structures on the AWS system.

With so much experience in the creation of data lakes and the migration of reams of corporate data from legacy storage systems, The firm has been able to develop a rock-solid three step process that allows for the successful and complete migration of corporate data and analytics from one system to another. Because of the risks previously involved with such projects, including the risk of losing vast quantities of irreplaceable proprietary data, this three-step process is a groundbreaking development, which has all but completely eliminated the risks involved in corporate data migration.

Cloudwick is also one of the leading experts in data-lake-based security systems as well as machine-learning for business intelligence. For more information, please visit their website.

Stream Energy Creates Philanthropic Foundation to Support their Works

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Stream energy is one of the largest energy selling companies in Texas. The company directly sales power to consumers through their sales associates. The associated get a commission from the purchases they make. Since its creation, the company has always helped needy people in the communities. Their charitable acts make them stand out from other corporations in the area.

Recently, Stream Energy created a new philanthropy foundation, Stream Care to help increase their outreach operations to less fortunate in the community. The stream Care Energy foundations is an addition of what the company has been doing over the last twelve years.

Stream Energy was the first company to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, which caused massive destruction in Houston. The hurricane caused flooding around many neighborhoods that led to the loss of human lives, destruction of homes, offices and many properties. While many watched from the sidelines, Stream Energy stepped in to help people recover from the tragic event.

In 2016, the company also stepped in to help victims of the Texas Tornado, which destroyed many homes a day after Christmas. The company joined hands with the Salvation Army and other origins to offer help to the affected families. During this time, associates to the company raised thousands of dollars to the cause. Because of their generous heart, the company decided to match those donations, which provided a considerable sum of money for the victims.

One area Stream Energy has been keenly following around the Dallas area is taking care of homeless people. Stream Energy and its employees keep track of the homeless people in the community, which helps, then know how many people need their help. The company supports the homeless in the community through the Hope Supply Co.

The Hope Supply Co. is one of Streams projects that seek to help over 1,000 North Texas homeless children. The project has been running for the last four years. Through his project, the company brings homeless children to a local water park and allow them to have one fantastic day. The project also provides diapers, school supplies, clothing, and other helpful materials to the children regularly.

How Whitney Wolfe Started Popular Dating Apps

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Whitney Wolf is an American entrepreneur who was born on July 1, 1989. She is the co-founder of Tinder and also the originator of Bumble, a dating app. In 2014, Wolfe was selected by Business Insider as one of the under 30 influential women in the technology sector.

The Trial

Whitney Wolfe joined Hatch Labs, the IAC start-up that gave birth to Tinder when she was just 22. She met Sean Rad, who cofounded Tinder, at a dinner with close friends in Los Angeles. Rad was the head of a project in the initial stages; a customer-service start-up, Cardify which employed Wolfe. But when Cardify failed to succeed in the market, Wolfe was not slow to pursue other projects that could thrive. Among them was a dating app that allowed users to swipe through profiles of single people on Facebook quickly, and if they liked them, they would date. Visit to know more about Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe on Employment

The company grew, and Wolf started to employ more experienced staff who had the skills in addition to training her young team which never existed before. She was not sure what to do regarding their pay. She was torn between increasing the salaries of her early team and those of experienced women, and men in some cases.

Whitney Wolf was frank to notice that throughout her career that offices had majority female or majority male, and men had an easy time to advocate for higher beginning salary or pay bumps as time went by, while that was not the case with women. Whitney Wolfe expresses that women rarely fight for a higher salary because they feel guilty. She continues to affirm that whenever men ask for higher salaries, they feel entitled. Thus, she has always had the urge to encourage women to go after the money which they qualify.

Through the app she started, Bumble, women, can now get a platform where they can meet their matches and engage freely. The location-based application facilitates communication, whereby in heterosexual matches, just females can make the initial contact with the male match of their choice. After making significant steps in life and technology, Whitney Wolfe is undoubtedly one of the youngest and richest women in America.

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Fortress Investment Groups Big Moves that Made It a Global Investment Manager

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Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. The firm started as a private equity and after 10 years, it went public and started trading its shares as a public company on stock exchange. The alternative asset manager grew rapidly and its assets grew to worth $43 billion. The firm manages the assets for 1750 clients across the globe.

Fortress Investment Group has a vast expertise in operations management, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions, capital markets, M&As as well as asset-based investing. In those areas, the firm has proven to be highly experienced.

The story of the journey of Fortress Investment Firm is remarkable because it only took 5 years to turn just $400 million investment to $3.9 billion, amazing, right? The company’s principals and leadership took up a cutting-edge alternative asset manager strategy that propelled it to where it is now. Its initial investments included real estate investments in Toronto and New York as well as venturing into debt securities and hedge funds.

Fortress Investment Group strengthened its leadership team by bringing on board Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz. Michael Novogratz previously worked at Goldman Sachs as a fund manager. The firm added several companies into its portfolio including Intrawest, Penn National Gaming, RailAmerica as well as Florida East Coast Industries.

Lately, the firm has made big moves. It was recently acquired by SoftBank, a Japanese multinational. The acquisition deal which was worth $3.3 billion saw the investment firm start operating as a private company. However, the company has maintained its operations as normal with Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone remaining as principals.

Fortress Investment Group’s mission has always been growing and increasing its presence across the world. The principals were excited about the deal as they continued to pursue its mission of global reach. Even as the new developments takes shape, the asset management firm has purchased a popular building in Worth Ave from Tiffany. The New-York City-based investment firm acquired the building in Palm Beach for $20 million and it plans to add office spaces to the building in the near future. That is the latest deal that the firm has made after its acquisition.