Igor Cornelsen Continues to Dominate the Investment Industry Even after Retirement

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For many businesspeople, retiring is a hard thing to accomplish. They spent much of their adult life working to climb the corporate ladder. The idea of simply no longer working is partly scary, partly hopeful. After spending so many decades in the grind of the corporate world, retirement it supposed to be a reward.

For industry leaders like Igor Cornelsen, retirement has a bitter, sweet taste. The Brazilian native is still one of the most successful investment advisors in the world.

Despite having retired in 2010, Igor continues to have young and old investors ask him for advice. Although he loves retirement, spending most of his days improving his golf skills; Igor is also driven to help people succeed in the stock markets.

His knowledge is so sought after, that he had to partially come out of retirement to set up an advice blog to satisfy all the inquisitive, former clients.

Unlike most other investment advisors, Igor’s advice focuses on succeeding in a volatile market. He specialized in analyzing and predicting what unpredictable markets would do within a certain allotted time frame. Learn more about Igor Cornelsen: http://inducebiologics.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=18 and https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/1215496/Dr-Cameron-Clokie-Toronto-ON.html

Much of his investment experience comes from trial and error. Trying to navigate the Brazilian markets is one of the hardest professions on the planet.

Brazil has such an up-and-down market that it’s nearly impossible to become a true expert. Igor learned everything he knows about investing from navigating the Brazilian stock market.

His best advice is to learn as much information about a stock as possible. When trusting a professional to buy and sell stock, it’s best to learn as much information about that person, or company, as possible. There are far too many self-focused advisors that are willing to mislead to boost their profits. Read more: Dr. Cameron Clokie Gives His Quick Tips for Tooth Care While Traveling

Igor’s investment firm, Bainbridge Group, Inc. is one company that many trusts. He founded the company specifically to combat all the self-interest that many investment advisors have.

His company uses all its teams and network connections to provide corporate and individual clients with the best options available.

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The services offered by Dr. Jennifer Walden that has led to her incredible ranking

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Born in 1971, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been one of the few individuals with actual solutions to people’s problems. Plastic surgery is not an easy field. It offers the riskiest and delicate solutions to problems that affect the self-esteem. With millions of people not sure of where to get their solutions, it is easy for them to be duped. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers very specific plastic surgeries that would restore confidence to the lives of people regardless of the nature of the condition.

What makes Dr. Jennifer Walden the best?

Usually, it is hard for most plastic surgeons to own up and say that they cannot perform certain surgeries. Dr. Jennifer Walden is not afraid of being plain with the clients. She tells them her jurisdiction and gives the most appropriate advice for every situation. Before performing the actual acts, Dr. Jennifer Walden is open with the clients. There are certain services that she thinks would be dangerous or she just does not feel like performing them. In such cases, she will not place the lives of her clients at risk. She equally offers a session of communication before the clients settle for the surgery.

The services offered

Breast jobs

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a list of options that can help with the process of breast enlargement. For breast augmentation, the doctor has a variety of options. First, the client can choose to go for saline or silicone breast implants, the breasts can be textured shaped, or an implant can be created by fat implants. Other breast jobs that the doctor does include; repairing an inverted nipple, secondary breast implant, breast reduction and the reconstruction of the breasts.

Face jobs

Several options are available for face jobs. Other than breast jobs, face transformations are majorly sought in the United States. Here, there are blepharoplasty, augmentation of the chin, Otoplasty and Facelifts. The clients get to specify what they want before the surgeries are conducted. Dr. Jennifer Walden advice the clients based on their anatomy. There can be dangers of going for certain options because they can pose a danger to the lives of the clients.


U.S. Money Reserve Offers Brighter Future to Hurricane Harvey Residents

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U.S. Reserve offers crisis relief to Austin, Texas and the survivors of Hurricane Harvey by joining forces with ADRN (Austin Disaster Relief Network), a not-for-profit group specializing in caring for the families of disasters.

U.S. Money Reserve would like to acknowledge ADRN for it’s professional trained volunteers and their ability to meet the needs of any community, big or small, with assistance in not only immediate physical needs but also emotional health issues.

Hurricane Harvey swept in off of the Atlantic in August, 2017. The hurricane was the largest to make landfall in Texas since 2015. With catastrophic flooding, unimaginably rainfall, power outage, and destruction of properties, ADRN, and U.S. Reserve gathered forces and committed to help rebuild the communities, neighborhoods and infrastructure by providing financial assistance, housing, transportation and mental health support.

The effects of the two programs coming together not only gave the public much needed relief in the form of simple everyday items, such as basic cleaning supplies and clothing, but also including larger projects, such as rebuilding property.

U.S. Money Reserve has taken an active part in leadership roles throughout the United States not only in times of need but also in planning for the future. Their team of purpose driven employees have helped hundreds of thousands of people make solid financial decisions about gold, silver and platinum for many years. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

Staff and management all work hard to earn trust of individuals, knowing that is the only way to provide the most valuable service when dealing with people’s lives, assets and future. The team, support staff and their families serve daily to promote common goals for their clients.

Superior client services supported by a strong leader, Mr. Philip N. Diehl, has given U.S. Money Reserve the training, experience and expertise they need to serve individuals. Mr. Diehl was born in Dallas, Texas where he earned an M.A. degree in government from the University of Texas at Austin and received a fellowship for post-graduate work in political science at Stanford University.

From there his professional life consisted of working as the staff director of the Senate Finance Committee and then the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Treasury. Diehllater became Director of the United States Mint and served until March of 2000.

U.S. Money Reserve and ADRN look forward to seeing a brighter future for Austin’s residents and Harvey survivors.

A Look Through Some Of The Positions Held By Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi While At Bradesco

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It is quite uncommon to hear of an individual who has spent close to five decades at one place of employment. However, that is the exact case for current Bradesco president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Having joined Bradesco at the age of 18, he has gone on to hold some highly lucrative positions at the bank.

Brief Background

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s academic background is in the field of sociology. He currently holds two degrees: a bachelor’s degree from the University of Sao Paulo and a master’s degree in socio-psychology from the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics, Sao Paulo. Despite this background not being related to banking, he is today widely acknowledged as one of the best bankers in the country.

Marketing Director

For eight years, starting in 1984, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served as the marketing director of Bradesco. Aged only 33 at the time, he was among the youngest department directors the bank had ever had. His greatest accomplishment during his tenure was making the Bradesco brand more famous among the masses by improving the bank’s relations with the media. The move was critical as it coincided with efforts to advance the bank technologically. Consequently, members of the public got duly informed of how the bank was differentiating itself from the competition using technology. This strategy paid off greatly for the bank as customer numbers soared.

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President of Bradesco Seguros

About a decade after completing his tenure as marketing director, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was promoted to become the president of the leading subsidiary under the Bradesco brand, Bradesco Seguros. He was not entirely new to the insurance industry as he had been the company’s executive vice president from 1999 to when he assumed the bigger post in 2003. When Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took over, he found an insurance industry that was not as mature as the country’s banking industry. The industry was marked by many players all haggling for the millions of potential clients in the South American nation. Consequently, while Bradesco Seguros was the leading player in the industry, its position was not secure.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s first piece of business after assuming leadership at Bradesco Seguros was expanding its broker network. This allowed the company to get ahead of its competition when it came to pushing insurance products – the result of which was Bradesco Seguros growing its market share from 23 percent in 2003 to 25 percent in 2008. In the same duration of time, the company doubled in size, making it the undisputed market leader.

President of Bradesco

Since March 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has been serving as the president of the Bradesco group. He joined the bank at a turbulent time, with Bradesco just having lost the number one spot among private banks in the country. Fortunately, his appointment was just the stabilization that the bank required. He has over the last eight years applied a combination of acquisitions and organic growth to claw back the lead established by its slightly bigger competitor, Itau Unibanco. Consequently, whoever takes over from him has a realistic chance of making the Bradesco the largest bank in its segment again.

Executive Vice chairman of Bradesco

In 2014, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also had the role of executive vice chairman added to his list of responsibilities. This made him the second highest ranking individual at the bank, only after its long-time chairman of the board, Lazaro Brandao. With Mr. Brandao well advanced in age, many in the industry interpreted Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s promotion as an undertaking to prepare him for the role of Board chairman once Mr. Brandao vacates the seat.

See: http://istoe.com.br/5442_NOVO+COMANDO/

Achievements of Marc Sparks and Timber Creek Capital

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Marc Sparks is not only the founder but also the owner as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Timber Creek Firm. This adds up to his role as a philanthropist, an author as well as a serial entrepreneur. His broad acknowledgment is alongside his outstanding ability to turn the feasible ideas into the business practice.

He is the author of the book; They Can’t Eat You. It describes his entrepreneurial journey. It acts as a motivation and encourages the rest to exploit their potentials. Marc’s donations in favor of Habitat for Humanity is an instance of his philanthropies. The aim associated with the team is the construction of affordable housing facilities to help shelter families. Sparkey’s Kids refers to Marc’s non-profit making initiative. It often donates in the form of laptops to the children at risk alongside American Can! Academy. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/marc.sparks1

Starting in the late 1980s, Sparks has been working together with a shelter for the homeless based in Texas. It is referred to as The Samaritan Inn. Its capacity is a hundred and sixty per night, and it is essential to those in need.

Being a serial entrepreneur as well as the owner of a private equity company, Marc Sparks gives service to the entrepreneurs in the development of new enterprises into firms that generate revenue. He outlines that the procedure of setting up a business starts with the construction of a model and the acquirement of resources to facilitate success.

With his experience, he says that a working environment that is not only quality and conducive but also collaborative exceeds a quarter of the entire requirements needed to succeed. His experience also equipped him with a substantial know-how of the challenges as well as the severe circumstances that entrepreneurship might potentially bring. He is passionate about utilizing his expertise to assist the entrepreneurs to structure their dreams as well as their firms appropriately.

Timber Creek Capital refers to an equity firm and is private. The focus of the company is to transform the goals of the passionate entrepreneurs towards services and products that facilitate revenue generation. A couple of services are offered at the Company’s office based in Dallas, Texas. Such services include the initial capital, equipment, accounting, web development, expertise, banking, marketing, and support staff. They also provide office space, legal, graphic arts, customer service, intellectual capital, merchant banking, and networking.

It is remarkable that the firm has an entrepreneurial experience that exceeds thirty-five years regarding the supervision of businesses from their time of establishment until they become successful.

Having seen all the levels of failure and success in entrepreneurship is what qualifies Timber Creek Capital, under Marc Sparks’ leadership, to facilitate the transformation of the entrepreneurial ideas into successful business models.


Boraie Development, promoting moviegoers

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The State-owned theatre is excited to announce the return of the Free Boraie Development, and Provident Bank Foundation sponsored free Summer Movies. The motions featured in the series comprise of Frozen on July 12, Despicable Me 2 on July 26 among others.

According to WSJ, the movies are six in number, and they are all free of charge to the viewers, providing young people the opportunity to enjoy their favorite films. They watch as with their families, summer camps as well as other groups in the surroundings of the State Theater. The historic movie palace that began in 1921 has become the New Jersy’s preeminent venues for live performance.

“We are happy once more to sponsor the fantastic series, giving neighboring families as well as young people the opportunity to watch movies for free within the remarkable venue,” the Vice President of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie commented “ We are delighted to help in making it possible for families from various backgrounds to have the exciting State Theatre experiences without charge this summer,” the Executive Director of The Provident Bank Foundation, Jane Kurek, who is also part of the group sponsoring the states Theatre’s Community Access Initiative commended.

“We are very pleased to bring back summer movie series with an expanded lineup of six films this year,” Anna Marie Gewirtz, the State Theatre Vice President of Strategic Partnerships added. The move was part and parcel of a mission to display their commitment to presenting affordable family programming.

The year-round Community Access Initiative makes invitations to numerous communities with the intention of letting them enjoy a broad range of free events at the State Theatre. Besides, the generosity brought in by Boraie Development, and the Provident Bank Foundation would promote the initiative to a large extent. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Many moviegoers and lovers will enjoy the unparalleled experience with the state-of-the-art HD digital cinema projection system, that comprises of 46’ Stewart film screen, surrounding digital sound in addition to Barco projector.

With around 1,850-seat restored theater, huge audiences can sit downstairs or just enjoy the view from the balcony as in the glorious days of Hollywood.

Boraie provides an assortment of services that focus on the urban areas real estate market; Real Estate Development, Property Management as well as Sales and marketing. The company specializes in building properties while providing unparalleled client services.

The Boraie Development has always worked with strong financial institutions, contracts, and architects with a vision that ensures timely completion in addition to the success of various projects.

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Bridget Scarr: A super Lady

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If you do not know Bridget Scarr, here is a chance for you to know her. Bridget Scarr is more than a writer and producer. In the field of production, she is super creative. She has an extensive knowledge of creating best content that can be used on all platforms. Her work resonates with large audiences who use virtual reality, digital devices, interactive exhibition and augmented reality. For those who have come across any production work done by Bridget Scarr, they are affected both intellectually and even emotionally in a positive way.


With 15 years in the production industry, Bridget is the best in all types of manufacturing technology. Her main areas of production specialization include TV, animation, and advertising. With her extensive and in-depth experience in this challenging field, she has been given many opportunities for overseeing creative and technical production outputs from programming, lifestyle, entertainment, animation and many more teams.


At the moment, Bridget Scarr is the head of Colibri Studios which is the only best studio which is run by a lady. In this organization, she is involved in all types of products and also collaborating with broadcasters, nurturing young creative talents and project partnership with other organization in and outside the country.


Every person has a business idea in mind, but a big idea like starting Colibri Studios is something big for a woman. According to Bridget, the idea of a studio just come from her need to unit people’s ideas and produces something constructive. Colibri Studios was born when she shifted her career to content creation. This became a home for her ideas and a resting place which collects her ideas together in one umbrella.


For any work to be successful, you need to plan well on how to work. You should have your active hours, flexible hours and resting hours. According to Bridget, 9 am -12 pm are her productive hours. This is the time she does her productive job. In this period of the day, all her mind is always focused on working and producing original content for her projects. For most people, lunch is taken away from home. This is contrary to Bridget because this is the only time she has with her family – Lunchtime. During this time of the day, they will sit on the table and talk family issues while taking lunch. Most of do not have meditation in our schedule of the day, but to Bridget, meditation starts her day and ends it.


Follow Bridget Scarr on twitter for updates.

Aloha Construction Provides Tips For enhancing Pet Safety during Remodeling

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Over the years, the building industry has been leading in offering employment opportunities in the numerous departments. Aloha Construction, an Illinois company, had maintained an upward trend in providing jobs from when it was established. Building sector comprises of many firms of which majority of them deal with a specific niche of the field.Aloha construction hires roofers for its specialized work in roofing. Focusing in one area allows a firm to develop it and stand out as a master in the roofing operations. The professionals also provide siding and gutter work services.


Aloha Construction has an online site to connect them with the southern Wisconsin and Illinois people. It has completed over 17,000 deals. This an indicator that the entity has the perfect experience and technical capacity to handle the roofing needs. Mr. Dave Farbaky, president of Aloha Construction, practices professionalism in all enduring to make sure that they prioritize the interests of the customers.

Advice to Dog Owners

Dog owners find it hard to remodel a building with pets inside. Both the service providers and homeowners ought to be careful during the remodeling process. Professionals from Aloha Construction provide a guide to keep pets safe during the renovation procedure. They urge the involved parties to keep an eye on the domesticated animals from construction equipment and tools. Avoid leaving them with strangers as this can turn out to be uncomfortable to both the contractors and the pet. Aloha Construction encourages house owners to adhere to a specific routine, as dogs are habit animals. Changing the routine will stress and cause anxiously to the animal. Exercising together with the pet is another practice the firm encourages its clients to try. Eradicate any health hazard likely to compromise the well-being of your animal. Keep the building dry to avoid development and growth of mold, toxic fumes, and wet paint. Employ contractors who understand the frustrations of creating safe spaces and home remodeling just like the Aloha Construction.

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Trade Union Lessons to Learn From James Larkin

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James Larkin is credited as the brain behind the establishment of various trade unions across the globe. Born in England on January 21, 1876, Larkin becomes an architect of the largest trade union in the continent. He is the founder of the General Workers Union (GWU). Before he was appointed to become the foreman, Mr. Larkin used to run errands and do other forms of manual jobs.

But that was not the career that Larkin had drawn for himself, as a socialist, he was keen on improving the working conditions of various employees. He was committed to ensuring that all the employees were treated with dignity and with equality.

The NUDL workers union did not like how Larkin approached and dealt with issues. As such, they conspired to move him outside the country, to Dublin. He would take his time while in Dublin to form his trade union; Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU). He then went on a mission to ensure that at least every employee, regardless of education or social background became a member of the union.

To him, a trade union provided a more convenient method of seeking for better pay and improved working conditions without a threat of dismissal. With time in ITGWU, Larkin started becoming insecure; he resolved to become petty whenever an idea of the rival group came to his mind.

In the year 1908, James Larkin developed a political program fir IGTWU. According to the statement, an employee was only supposed to work for a maximum of 8 hours in a day. He also fought for the creation of jobs to cater for the unemployed. He then vouched for a pension to all those who were sixty years of age and above.

With the program, a worker was entitled to fair arbitration and suffrage in a competent court of law. James Larkin intended to make sure that Ireland became beneficial and important to the Irish people. Learn more about Jim Larkin: https://www.biography.com/people/james-larkin-215214

In the year 1912, James Larkin together James Connolly formed the labor party in Ireland. Using this party, the two were able to organize and execute some industrial actions. The biggest of these being the Dublin Lockout. During this period, over one hundred thousand people participated in the strike. In the end, they got a fair remuneration and better working conditions.

James Larkin was a very cunning and intelligent young man. Whenever a company failed to honor their demands, he would advise the members to boycott or participate on the go slow when buying products from the particular trader. As a trade unionist, he abhorred violence.

He understood the simple fact, which engaging in violence was not good for his members especially in the organizations that they worked. Actually, during the World War 1, Larkin is on record requesting his members to desist from violence.

In the year 1914, James Larkin went to the United States to give a public lecture. During this period, Larkin joined the socialist party. He would later form a socialist club in honor of his departed friend; Connolly


Julia Jackson and Her Wines

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Julia JacksonJulia Jackson is the one who makes people sit up and take notice of Jackson Family Wines, but she is also much more than that. While she did grow up in a family that was always surrounded by vines and making wines, she always had the interest to be involved in the business side of things of Jackson Family Wines.She would often help out during the summers and learned a lot about running the family business. Although she studied art in college (at Scripps College), she has proved to be a big asset to the Jackson Family Wines, especially after having graduated from Stanford School of Business.She is doing a lot to keep the name of Jackson Family Wines on the map and help to continue to spread the good news about their excellent bottles of Lassegue and The Peake, amongst many other incredible wines.

Something else that is interesting about Julia Jackson is that she also founded Cambria: Seeds of Empowerment which is dedicated to helping organizations that are committed to empowering women. ThroughJulia Jackson awards of $100,000 grants, her organization is helping to change the lives of many women who have gone through difficulty and adversity and have overcome, as she wants to help them be able to inspire others.Not only is Julia helping to promote her family’s name and continue the legacy of their amazing wines, but she also helped found Rex Apps which is geared towards providing users with information on bars and restaurants. One may ask, “Is there anything that Julia Jackson can’t do?” So far, it seems as though she is going far in her life.