Fortress Investment Groups Big Moves that Made It a Global Investment Manager

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Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Wes Edens, Peter Briger, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. The firm started as a private equity and after 10 years, it went public and started trading its shares as a public company on stock exchange. The alternative asset manager grew rapidly and its assets grew to worth $43 billion. The firm manages the assets for 1750 clients across the globe.

Fortress Investment Group has a vast expertise in operations management, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions, capital markets, M&As as well as asset-based investing. In those areas, the firm has proven to be highly experienced.

The story of the journey of Fortress Investment Firm is remarkable because it only took 5 years to turn just $400 million investment to $3.9 billion, amazing, right? The company’s principals and leadership took up a cutting-edge alternative asset manager strategy that propelled it to where it is now. Its initial investments included real estate investments in Toronto and New York as well as venturing into debt securities and hedge funds.

Fortress Investment Group strengthened its leadership team by bringing on board Peter Briger and Michael Novogratz. Michael Novogratz previously worked at Goldman Sachs as a fund manager. The firm added several companies into its portfolio including Intrawest, Penn National Gaming, RailAmerica as well as Florida East Coast Industries.

Lately, the firm has made big moves. It was recently acquired by SoftBank, a Japanese multinational. The acquisition deal which was worth $3.3 billion saw the investment firm start operating as a private company. However, the company has maintained its operations as normal with Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone remaining as principals.

Fortress Investment Group’s mission has always been growing and increasing its presence across the world. The principals were excited about the deal as they continued to pursue its mission of global reach. Even as the new developments takes shape, the asset management firm has purchased a popular building in Worth Ave from Tiffany. The New-York City-based investment firm acquired the building in Palm Beach for $20 million and it plans to add office spaces to the building in the near future. That is the latest deal that the firm has made after its acquisition.


What’s Next For OSI Food Solutions?

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OSI Food Solutions, a global food processing company, is headquartered in the state of Illinois, but it has facilities all around the world. These facilities include pilot plants, general offices, test kitchens and culinary-innovation centers. In total, OSI has up to 65 state-of-the-art facilities that are located in 16 countries. So, where are these countries? This particular company works in:

The Netherlands
The United Kingdom
The United States
And more

OSI Food Solutions has a make-it-happen mentality, and this mentality helps to set itself apart from other similar companies. Twenty-thousand people work for this global giant, and the company is always on the lookout for new talent. As of today, the company has open positions in a number of departments such as administration, laborer, forklift operation and management. OSI Food Solutions is the perfect equal-opportunity employer, and the company is made up of a diverse cast of people.

Back in 2016, the British Safety Council presented OSI with the Globe of Honor Award for its excellence in exemplary management. OSI has won this award in the previous years of 2013 and 2015. Eighteen companies were chosen to receive this affluent award, and these companies came from a variety of fields. The ceremony took place on November 25, 2016. Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Food Solutions, was presented with the Global Visionary Award by demonstrating dedication and perseverance at the leadership position. This award was presented by India’s Vision World Academy on February 20, 2016. As you can see, these are just a few of the many accomplishments that OSI Food Solutions has collected over the past few years. Bigger and better things are definitely expected in the future, but only time will tell.

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Infinity Group Australia Ranked As A Most Innovative Company After Only 5 Years of Existence

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Infinity Group Australia has been ranked at number 58 in the list published by the Australian Financial Review, ranking the most innovative companies among the thousands nominated from New Zealand and Australia. Only 5 years since its inception, Infinity Group Australia has already been recognized by the Australian Financial Review.
2018 marks the 7th year when the Australian Financial Review published the Most Innovative Companies List, which has been known in the past as BRW Most Innovative Companies. The list is the only cross-industry of its kind, and ranks the most innovative companies from both Australia and New Zealand, their list consisting of 100 companies being released in their publication which reaches an audience of more than 1.8 million readers.
Inventium, which is the leading innovation consultancy in Australia complied the list and judged alongside a panel of experts in the industry. Companies were rated on how they addressed problems that they were trying to solve, the impact that it had in the real world and the uniqueness and quality of their solution. Infinity was selected from a list of more than 1,000 companies, and being ranked at 58 puts them in the top 5.8% of the companies nominated.
The honor was accepted by Graeme Holm, founder of Infinity, during the award night which took place on July 30, 2018. He expressed the company’s excitement as a result of the achievement and was grateful to both Inventium and the AFR. He congratulated his team behind Infinity for their work and noted how honorable it was to be a part of the list. Holm stated that their ongoing budgetary platform, the services which offer innovation and their debt reduction had secured the company a spot on the list.
Graeme Holm has more than 15 years of experience in the financial industry. He launched Infinity Group in the year 2013 with the idea to be a personal trainer for people’s finances, and in quick fashion they evolved into a trusted financial leader in the country, and a top ranking innovative firm. The company is based in Bella Vista in Sydney, and their commitment to customer experience quickly showed results. Infinity Group Australia reviews the finances of individuals, and 100% of their clients pay more off their home lawn within the first 3 months of working with Infinity than they had in the prior 12 month when working with the bank structure. Clients estimate $41,000 on average of debt eliminated in 12 months. Learn more:

OSI Industries Boosts Production to Supply its Rich Customer Base

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OSI Industries, the global food producer and distributor, revamped its OSI Food Solutions plant in Toledo. It cost the group €17 Million to boost the plant by adding more equipment in the plant to achieve the desired production levels. Before the overhaul, the plant was processing an annual production of 12,000 tons of chicken products, but after the revision, the production doubled to 24,000 annually. The plant produces beef and pork products, and the total output of the entire plant reached over 45,000 tons annually. The move was driven by the high demand for chicken products from Spain and Portugal markets. Some of the changes that were done included the installation of nitrogen tanks installation, waste containers, hot water tanks, oil service areas, and a new production hall and refrigeration rooms.

Other changes that OSI Industries management did to the plant were the expansion of shipping and dispatch area, raw material storage area and employees’ social room. The most notable change was the quality control kitchen in a move to improve in the quality in line with the customers changing demands and needs. In cost-cutting, measures were put in place to bring down the cost of electricity by 20%. The heat produced by the refrigeration units and the cogeneration system would be recycled to heat water used in the night shift thus saving electricity tremendously. The firm’s food security measures were taken through the installation of a surveillance control system all-round the plant’s perimeter wall. Additional indoor cameras were installed.

Additionally, a state of the art firefighting system was put in place to enhance safety in the premises. The whole process did not only boost production but also gave the OSI Industries an opportunity to create more jobs. Twenty more jobs were created bringing to 160 the total number of the employees in the plant hence boosting the economy.

In a move to maintain, the customer trust through supporting the production and distribution of its products in Europe, OSI Industries completed the acquisition of Flagship Europe a company owned by Flagship Food Group. The company is regarded as a high food provider to the food markets in the UK. Besides, it’s a producer of different food products including pies, dressings, frozen poultry, mayonnaise, and sous vide to name but a few. Flagship diversified in the food market through their merger with Calder Foods, which produces sauces, marinades, sandwich fillings, and mayonnaise. OSI Group acquires Baho Food. This implies that the partnership between OSI Industries and Flagship Europe would increase the Group’s resources basket hence strengthening its impact in the market.

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GreenSky Credit Provides Loans to Small Businesses Amounting to $55,000

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How Much Money Can One Get

GreenSky Credit platform will offer an individual a maximum amount of $55,000. This a sufficient amount of money that can be used in learning any business out there in the industry. Most of the small business requires little financing so that they can start operating. This loan can be used to help the company in any manner in which the borrower wants. This means that it can be used in improving the business structure, securing new employees or even paying business suppliers. The $ 55, 000 are offered to any type of business, whether big or small without exemptions.



The procedure for Accessing GreenSky Credit

To access GreenSky Credit, individuals have to pass through some critical but essential steps so that they can get these loans. The advantage is that these procedures are paperless and no one will be subjected to the traditional and bureaucratic processes of filling various forms before accessing the loan. The first step is that customers need to download the mobile application platform. One has to understand that the company is offering credit through the online platform. Therefore, the application must be made through the online platform supported by a mobile app.

After getting the mobile app that is easily downloaded from App Store or Play Store, the customer fills in the personal details and loan application details including the amount that one intends to borrow. This is the second and most crucial step because it determines whether one will acquire credit or not. After applying, the personal details will be reviewed and the customer will either get loan approvals or not. In situations where the loans have been approved, the customer will immediately get the GreenSky Credit account.

Given that a customer’s loan request has been approved and they have received the GreenSky Credit account number, they will just be required to request for the amount of the loan they would like to get using the same credit number received from the company. They will quickly be accessing the amount of the loan they want to get. The loans requested will mostly be approved within a short period, mostly not longer than 48 hours.


David McDonald, OSI Group President

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David McDonald was born and raised in Iowa. He started his career after graduating with a degree in Animal Science. While working at the North American Institute as the chairman, he began his career with the OSI Group as a project manager. David McDonald worked his way up the ladder earning the role of company president and the chief operating officer. The Iowa State University graduate has helped the OSI group attain unprecedented growth making it a worldwide company that serves more than 70 countries.

Work Background

David McDonald is a graduate of Iowa State University. He graduated with a degree in Animal Science. While at the University, he was the recipient of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. Interested in utilizing the available resources to impact his University, he is an active member of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.

How he Helped Improve OSI Group’s Sustainability

While at OSI Group, he has made tremendous strides in the food processing industry. The industry is a worldwide food provider that is committed to delivering services and products to its potential customers. He has worked with the company for more than 29 years, and he has helped develop a company that is known in the entire world. Due to the popularity of the company in more than 70 countries, David McDonald commits himself to maintain a logistics company team that can compete and carry on with the constantly evolving international market. With his ability to handle technical issues, he has helped the Group to establish dynamic partnerships with local customers. He has also helped the company to develop culturally sensitive company products to meet the needs of customers.

About Baho Food

The president and the chief operating officer of OSI Group said that adding Baho Food to their Europe business has given the Group a broader presence in Europe. He also added that the company’s portfolio of brands and products complements the OSI Group’s current processing strengths while increasing their capabilities to serve their customer’s needs. The Baho food team of managers and the managing director will remain to be part of the OSI Group executives to help develop a growth strategy for the two combined companies.

Acquisitions That OSI Has Made

OSI Group happens to be the world’s leading proteins supplier which includes pizza, sausage, and beef patties. The group has over 50 facilities around the globe that are widely spread over different states and has its mega processing plant in China. One of the significant notable moves that the OSI Group has made was the acquiring of the Baho Food in the year 2016.

Michael Phelps and Talkspace Team Up to Help Fight Stigmas Around Mental Health

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Michael Phelps is a Gold Medal-winning Olympic swimmer who has been public about his struggles throughout his life battling against anxiety and depression. He wants to help dispel some of the stigmas and shame attached to mental health issues in the United States and across the globe.

Talkspace is an online therapy service that works on any internet-capable device. They offer an affordable, more flexible method of seeing a therapist by utilizing the connectivity of modern technology. They employ licensed therapists to have text session with their clients, saving the client money and allowing both parties more leeway in their weekly scheduling.

Phelps and Talkspace have announced a partnership, working together to try and break through the social stigma surrounding mental health and therapy. By presenting his own story for the world to see, Phelps hopes to show that seeking therapy when you need it is an act of strength, not weakness. Talkspace is helping him spread his message in the hopes that they can reach more people with their service.

Talkspace provides one-on-one therapy via text conversation at rates that are below the average therapy visits’. Their system allows anyone with an internet device to send message to their therapists when they feel up to it, and the therapists respond during certain windows during the week- up to twice a day, five days a week. They offer several levels of treatment, all with licensed therapists that the clients can choose for themselves.

Clients can “meet” their therapists through the Talkspace website, seeing the experience and education that their therapists possess. They have profiles and a guest blog written by their therapists to peruse, allowing the clients the same level of choice that can be found in therapy offices.

Talkspace was founded in 2012 by Oren and Roni Frank. Based in New York, Talkspace’s primary mission is to bring mental healthcare to a broader array of people. Their’s and Phelps’ missions were aligned, so the partnership seems natural. With Talkspace helping Phelps spread the word, and Phelps endorsing Talkspace, they should be able to reach some people and help them.

The Career of Peter Briger at Fortress Investment Group.

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Peter Briger works at the organization as a principal and one of the chairpersons of the board of directors. He has been part of the board meetings as a member since 2006. Three years later, he was promoted to be a co-chairperson. He also plays a key role in the management committee of the firm. He is tasked with the credit and Real estate business division. He has worked at Fortress Investment Group for more than ten years. Previously, he worked at Goldman Sachs where he stayed for about six years. He gives back to the society in various ways.

He is part of the board of a Francisco-based firm known as Tipping Point. At the organization, Peter Briger has helped to uplift the living standards of the disadvantaged members of the society. At the board of the Caliber Schools, he is part of a team that works to inspire the learners to focus on their studies and prepare for the post-college life. He is a graduate of the Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania where he acquired a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Peter Briger is part of the team that has transformed Fortress Investment Group into one of the best firms in the finance industry. He has always supported the development of innovative solutions for the customer needs. The growth of the company has been attributed to his efforts. In 2007, it was listed in the New York Stock Exchange. By being a public company, it can raise money from the members of the public in the form of shares to finance the expansion plans.

Under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group has diversified the available investment portfolios to cater to different client needs. According to a report released by the firm, the asset base has reached more than $43 billion. There are more than 1,750 clients who have interests in various divisions. The main operations of the investment firm take place in New York. Peter Briger has always ensured that all the workers are qualified to serve the clients in various departments. He values the input of the employees.

Lime Crime

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The founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, Doe Deere is a New Yorker, but she was actually born in Russia. Her company, Lime Crime Cosmetics is not a typical cosmetic company, and neither is her approach to creating her products. Her unique line of cosmetic products are vibrantly almost playful color design and are anti-animal testing. Doe Deere has grown her small company into what it is today and understand fully the challenges women face in the business world. As a young girl, Deere has always dreamt of creating her own line of makeup products and does all she can to help other girls achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and aspirations. A steadfast proponent of women’s rights and equality in as entrepreneurship, Doe Deere does what she can to ensure women have the same opportunities to chase their dreams as she has.

Based in Las Angeles California, Lime Crime Cosmetics is the ideal company for the animal right activist who is concerned with the industry norm of using animals to test products. Lime Crime Cosmetics offers a distinct line of eye-shadow, nail polish, lip gloss, lipsticks and rainbow-colored liquid liners among other products. The idea behind the standout products of Lime Crime steams from Doe Deere’s love of fairytales and makeup. Initial designing her own unique clothing, Deere found it harder and harder to find makeup that truly complements her clothing creations. Like many inventors and entrepreneurs before her, Doe had to make her own products, because there was nothing on the market that matched her styles and color schemes.

Since the genesis of Lime Crime, Doe Deere has continued to grow using her belief that beauty should make you feel happy. While beauty is interpreted differently by each individual, it is an area in our lives that we can all control and Lime Crime is there to help make people happy.


The Chainsmokers And Their Popular Debut Album

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The Chainsmokers have a popular debut album that is the third-longest running dance album on the Billboard charts. They are an incredible band that has mixed the DJ sound with the traditional indie sound. They have done this to great success, and they are still taking the music world by storm.

  1. Who Are The Chainsmokers?

The Chainsmokers are a DJ duo that started out in New York making mixes of popular songs. They are very good in the mixing world, and they have made it fun for people to get immersed in mix culture. The mix culture has brought The Chainsmokers to the forefront, and they made a whole album based on their mixing expertise.

  1. What Is Their Debut Album Like?

The debut album is not a DJ album. They sing on some of their tracks, and they have brought in guests artists for other tracks. The band is mixture of the indie band guitar sound and the production that is required of a DJ. The two men in this band bring their own flavor to the band, and they have invited different friends to work on their tracks.

  1. Guest Artists

The guest artists on these tracks have come along because The Chainsmokers have a reputation in the music world for being good at what these do. These guest artists want to be a part of this type of sound, and they have made the album extremely popular. Someone who is a big time artist today could end up on their next album or even appearing with them on tour. The Chainsmokers are so popular right now that they could support this album with a tour for another year or more.

  1. Conclusion

The Chainsmokers are a band that has transcended both indie band culture and DJ culture. They are DJs who are making mixes, but they have not gone to route of The Chainsmokers. The band sings some of its own material, and they write all their own songs. They have created a culture for their music that is far broader than what most DJs do.