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Paul Mampilly Uses his Investing Experience to Report on Investment Potential

Wall Street expert Paul Mampilly has seen a lot of success in the financial world. He has a Master of Business Administration degree from Fordham University, and he has put it to use as an assistant portfolio manager. He’s held positions at ING and Deutsche Bank and at Kinetics Asset Management as a hedge fund manager. Currently, he works as an analyst for research and investment and as a source of information for common investors. He offers tips and advice for the general public to assist with investment choices.

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Paul Mampilly offers a newsletter titled Profits Unlimited, which highlights investment opportunities and gives a look at his investment style. He has spent seven years implementing his record of success in building personal portfolios. He points out hard work as an essential element in getting results. A model example of this is his workday, which consists of market tracking and research from early in the day to market close. He keeps track of trends and news that show a potential positive or negative impact. He also believes most investors make mistakes by putting more than half of their money in a single stock by going all-in and also letting emotions affect their trading.

Paul Mampilly has taken particular note of the effect of computers in modern trading and their ability to track not only the market data but also trading behavior and to respond accordingly. Mampilly points out that computer trading has become more widespread and therefore has a significant impact on home traders.

Other changes he’s noticed are the comparison of mutual funds and ETF’s, where the granulation of ETF types has made tracking dedicated trends in investment activity more diffuse and difficult, and a shift in public valuation of a stock from whether it currently turns a profit to whether an innovation holds investment potential. Examples are Amazon and Tesla.

Another disruptor that has caught Mampilly’s attention is Spotify and the subscription-based business model, which offers a predictable cash flow due to recurring flat rates.

Paul Mampilly is an admirer of work done by Elon Musk and his business methods and sees a lot of potential in Tesla and SpaceX.

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