Perry Mandera Is A Businessman From Chicago Who Loves To Make People’s Lives Better

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Perry Mandera is the founder and chief executive officer of The Custom Companies, Inc. He has been able to grow his business by taking strategic risks that have payed off very well. Perry Mandera knows it takes more than just hanging on and hoping for the best when it comes to growing a business. When focusing on taking the next step that is needed for growth, he tries to outdo his competition by taking chances that they don’t. He has also found that it is wise to invest in modern technology and other resources that allow his company to stay on top.


Perry has been serving customers in the transportation and logistics industries for a good portion of his life. Mandera served in the Marines when he was younger and learned a lot about the importance of transportation while there. When he first returned from his time of service, decided to enter his bid in to serve as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the 26th ward in Chicago. He won the election and ended up being the youngest person to ever serve in that position in the city of Chicago.


Perry Mandera has spent a lot of his life serving others through charitable work. While he has helped out many people, he focuses a lot of his efforts on helping children who are in need. Sometimes, his focus is on helping a child’s family to be able to afford the food, clothing, or whatever else they need. He has also sponsored younger sports teams who can’t afford to pay for uniforms or to be able to travel to compete (Facebook).


Perry Mandera also focuses on encouraging other people to partake in philanthropy. He always sends out a letter to the workers in his company every December to check in with them in case they know someone who needs help. It doesn’t matter if the person they know is a friend of theirs, a stranger, or someone in their family. He is focused on helping others in every manner. Once he receives responses from his employees, he does his best to offer the help they need. The world could use more people like Perry Mandera in it, and Chicago will be forever grateful for everything he has done.


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