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To most of her fans, she is just Fat Amy from the musical series Pitch Perfect. However, Rebel Wilson’s career story starts from way back when she was a small kid. Rebel was born in 1980 at Sydney to her mum who was then a dog breeder and handler.

Rebel was a timid kid and would often feel intimidated when told to talk in front of people. During most interviews, Rebel Wilson recalls her mum dropping her off at a community acting group and she was not in the mood for any new interactions as she was so shy. Her mother had to drag her out of the car and promise her that she would be coming back for her before nightfall.

Her social awkwardness continued until she turned 15, where she got encouraged by her teachers to join the debate club as well as other clubs. When she was 17, she was commissioned as the Australian Rotaract Club Ambassador in South Africa. This was Rebel Wilson’s life-changing moment because while she contracted malaria, she got hallucinations where she saw herself receiving the Oscars acting awards.

By the time she got back to Australia, Rebel had now decided to pursue acting as her career entirely. She enrolled for a degree program at the University of Wales to pursue professional theatrics and performance. While at it, she also got her law degree.

Back home, she had participated in the production of two significant comedies named Wedge and Pizza. She also had produced her film known as Bogan Pride which was an award-winning film. Having studied acting as a professional course, Rebel Wilson has landed onto so many jobs in Hollywood which she considers as lucky, being an Australian.

Moreover, Rebel Wilson has always felt so comfortable in her skin as she believes that her body size is what has helped her growing confidence and it has also helped her land onto some of the best comedy jobs.

Rebel Wilson also considers herself lucky for being a respected woman in Hollywood comedy as this was not possible in the past, especially for actors and actresses that are not American. Rebel is also among the very few Australians that are in comedy.

She points out during interviews that most Australians venture into drama, but that has never been her cup of tea as she feels comedy as part of her life. Whenever she’s asked about how her law degree has helped build her career, she explains that she is well aware of the implications that may come about should anyone try to force her into doing something she does not stand for such as nudity.

Rebel Wilson is back on the screens this year on a romantic comedy movie known as ‘Isn’t it Romantic.’ Rebel will feature as a lady who does not believe in love despite having watched so many soap operas. However, her perspective is changed when she is mugged and finds herself in the hospital.

Upon waking up, she sees something romantic in everything she sees. Other major Hollywood figures in the movie include Priyanka Chopra who features as a yoga instructor, the handsome actor Adam Devin and Liam Hemsworth. The film was released on 13th of this month, and it was received with so much love from the die-hard fans.

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