Richard Liu and Investing To Create Wealth

Published / by soundproof

Everyone wants to build wealth like Richard Liu, the executive of Jingdong. The truth is that everyone can create wealth like Richard Liu. They just must do it in their own way. Richard Liu was not handed a billion dollars, he had to strive for it. One way to build wealth like Richard Liu is through REITs.

Invest in REITs

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are another way to invest into real estate on a more complex level.

REITs allow you to invest into real estate properties without actually having to buy the physical property itself. They are often referred to being the real estate equivalent of mutual funds, where you could reach out to companies who actually hold the physical real estate, and invest into the trusts that they have to offer.

As a result, these companies then offer dividends in return, which could vary depending upon the amount you have invested and the type of REITs you have chosen to move forward with. This allows you to earn profits from actual properties such as retail spaces, office buildings and residential blocks without ever having to hold the physical property under your name.

The profits that you receive on REITs could be lesser than what you could have earned if you purchased such a property itself. But the benefit of not having to physically manage the property and the processes that come with it make REITs a lucrative investment model for people who are not looking for sky high returns and also don’t have much time to dedicate to secondary investments.

All in all, REITs could prove to be a pretty comfortable investment if you have other resources to earn a higher primary income. Otherwise, you could also invest into multiple REIT options at the same time and move forward with enjoying the returns you earn.

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