Richard Liu Qiangdong Taking eCommerce A Notch Higher

Published / by soundproof

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a man on a mission to change the way people shop. He is one of the pioneers of e-commerce, a niche that has gone ahead to gain so much prominence in the recent past. He is the CEO and founder of a revolutionary e-commerce platform that has taken over the Chinese retail space. Richard Liu Qiangdong has stood out from the rest thanks to his astute business acumen, unique marketing skills and innovative skill sets. He is not afraid to venture into the unknown. Looking at the currents successes that Liu has achieved thus far, one would be mistaken to imagine that the journey has been simple. It all goes back to his younger years while at the university.

Despite having taken a course on sociology, his passion for computers and technology, in general, got the best of him. He would regularly use his free time learning about computer programming and other IT skills. After his college education, Liu went into employment for a while. This is where he got to hone his skills in IT even further having been appointed to become a director of computers at Japan Life, a company that dealt in health products. After serving on various roles at the company, Liu later quit to chart his own path. Using the experience he had gained thus far, Liu started up a business dealing in magneto-optical products.

The business quickly picked up thanks to Liu’s charm for business. In a matter of time, the business was already expanding to new regions, and by 2004, he already had 12 operating branches of the business. Liu was determined to take over the world with this business, but this was not to be thanks to a SARS outbreak later in the year. Following this outbreak, most of his customers and staff remained housebound and this meant no business at the company. Looking at the state of things, Liu had to re-strategize. He saw the need to set up an online business that will not be dependent on physical availability. This is when he founded that still rules to date.