Rick Smith Reforms Securus Technologies

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Rick Smith became the CEO of Securus Technologies in the year 2008 an American firm based in Dallas, Texas. He is an innovative leader with extensive knowledge in business transformation and management. Smith is expected to positively contribute towards the growth of Securus Technologies. His qualities as proven in previous capacities in firms he served, branded him the preferred candidate for the CEO position. The perceived asset in Securus Technologies is an expert and has a performance track record.

The innovator has reformed the operations in Securus Technologies. Through Smith management, the firm is privileged to be among the top providers of correctional Technologies. The company focuses on offering reliable security services to the prisons and the public. Over a million inmates enjoy technology services of the firm with access to authentic gadgets.

Focused on offering inmates and public protection, Securus Technologies ensures access to information in various ways. Through the expertise and creativity of the company, prisoners have access to reliable devices. The gadgets enable them to access the world events by login in through a provided mail address. Securus Technologies has brought about the connection of the planet at the doorsteps of the prison.

While inventing this technology, the principal target was the inmates that at times may be facing long years of imprisonment. Connecting these individuals with the changes on planet, and also their families makes sure they feel connected with the world and families. There are technological changes experienced every day, and this has heightened the rate of competition. Securus Technologies relies on Rick to reform the company operations and instill outstanding market performance.


Mr. Rick Smith is a professional and focused individual who strives to bring the best out of every business he serves. Eschelon-Telkom witnessed a vast business revenue transformation immediately after the stepping in Rick Smith. During his tenure, he managed to raise the company annual earnings from $30 million to $ 350 million. The Securus Technologies CEO earned EBITBDA $80 million.

About Rick Smith

Rick has gained knowledge through enrolling in several educational courses. He is a holder of a degree in Electrical Engineering from the State University based in N.Y, Smith. Before which he had studied in the Rochester Institute of the Technology and attained an Electrical Engineer with associate applied science. The B.A and mathematics masters’ holder, graduated from Rochester’s University and public state University based in Brockport, N.Y respectively. The Eschelon Telecom Inc. president served the company in several positions and raised the leadership ladder due to his performance. Rick served as a vice president at Midwest Telephone Operations and Frontier Corporation. He also worked as a director at Network Plan.

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