Rocketship Education: Providing Quality Education for Everyone

Published / by soundproof

Education is the key to a better life. Education enables us to open our minds and understand the world around us better. It is almost impossible to succeed in the modern world without education.

What about those who achieve financial success without any notable academic accomplishments? Well, if you do proper research, you will discover that these individuals have educated themselves in the ways of the world and are ‘street smart.’

While formal education is not the only way to succeed, it is an essential step to success. Early education sets you up well to be able to make better decisions about your future.

Every child should be able to access quality education; unfortunately, tuition costs keep going up year after year. This is not a major issue for wealthy and middle-class households, but low-income families find it increasingly difficult to find quality education for their children.

The gap between the level of learning in private schools and public schools is too wide, and it keeps on growing; this limits the chances of a kid from a public school getting into a good college.

Public schools located in low-income areas are in a worse situation because the teachers there are not able to deal with the children’s unique challenges. Rocketship Education is a chain of schools whose main aim is to provide quality education to children from all walks of life.


John Danner and a friend created the Rocketship Organization in 2006. Rocketship launched its first school in California a year later. The school’s great performance earned the organization high praise, for its innovative way of providing high-quality education to children from low-income homes.

The organization grew rapidly, opening six more schools in five years. The Schools were soon getting attention outside California, and the organization opened its first school in Wisconsin. Rocketship Education currently has schools in four states.