Ronald Fowlkes Military Experience

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Ronald is the manager of commercial products in Eagle Industries Limited. He has a passion for hockey and coaches young hockey players.

As the Manager, Ronald’s primary responsibility is to call customers all over the world to educate them about the company’s products. He addresses sales representatives on how to select products for sale.

Ronald exercised his experience in the military as an excellent professional. His military expertise positions him in a better level. He acquired skills in the military for more than twenty years. He utilizes the experience to give satisfaction to his clients.

Ronald is well recognized as one of the most skilled persons in law enforcement. He was one of the active members of United States Corps in 1993. Due to his hard work, he was promoted to the head of the military. He took part in activities such as evidence recovery, training military recruits and interrogative techniques.

Ronald had experience in both military and business sectors making him a unique man.

Ronald shared his personal history to express the need for mentorship in all sectors. He insisted that leaders should train their workers on how to share challenges faced in work.

He encourages workers to be open enough to leaders for proper feedback. Mentorship gives personal motivation to workers in the fields of their profession. Ronald expresses his mentorship skills by training his colleagues to wake up early and worker for the community.

Although he is termed as one of the successful people in the society, he shows his passion to mentor the young generation. Ronald recommends that all team leaders should be active enough to offer mentorship to all workers.