Sam Boraie: The Man with a Vision for New Jersey

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Born in the state of New Jersey to a chemist from Egypt, Sam Boraie has gone on to become one of the most respected figures in the real estate business. Sam Boraie is well known for his involvement with Boraie Development that specializes in real estate in New Jersey. This is a firm that was established by his father in the 70s, a time when the city of New Brunswick had been overcome by poverty and crime. By the time his father was establishing the company, he started by buying 21 buildings that had been abandoned due to various reasons. The first major project that the company dealt with was the Albany Street Plaza. Sam Boraie has risen through the ranks of his father’s company to become the senior vice president. Under his leadership, the company now employees more than 50 people. For more info about the company, visit Bloomberg.

Sam Boraie learned the skill of entrepreneurship from his father. He runs the business alongside his other siblings, and he has been involved in various projects such as the Aspire, the One Spring residential building and the Albany Street Plaza Two. He specializes in all types of projects ranging from commercial, residential and even gaming facilities. Sam Boraie has built partnerships with prominent people within the New Brunswick region. He shares a business relationship with basketball player known as Shaq O’Neil, and the two built the One Review Building that proved to be an instant hit. This is a project that specialized in high rise condos.

The Aspire Complex is a revelation of the innovative mind of Sam Boraie. The complex has amazing features such as a dining table that can accommodate up to 12 people, catering kitchens, WI-FI and flat-screen televisions. The building also has modern gyms facilities with state of the art equipment, and can even offer electric barbecues experience. The price of the condos is also friendly as a studio apartment will cost $1750 a month. At the same time, a one bedroom apartment goes for $1895 while someone willing to rent a two-bedroom apartment will part with $2,750 a month. This is a fair price comparing to what other facilities in the area charge.

Another project that has put Sam Boraie on the limelight is the estates at Waverly place found in Montgomery, New Jersey. Sam Boraie has designed these estates for each house to occupy an acre plot. He has a reputation of developing facilities around important amenities such as schools and hospitals. As for this recent project, social amenities near the institution include Robert Wood Johnson University, St Peter’s Hospital, and Somerset Medical Center.

When not in business, Sam Boraie is involved in some community works. His notable contribution with regards to this includes his involvement with the State Theatre in New Brunswick and Elijah’s Promise. In the past, he helped the theatre attract donations of over $750,000. He also helps the Elijah’s Promise in their fight against poverty, homelessness, and hunger. This is an institution that has been in existence since the year 1989 and has helped thousands of people. Sam Boraie makes contributions from time to time. For more info visit his Crunchbase profile.

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