Scott Gelb, a Passionate Gamer Who Obtained a Successful Career in the Gaming Industry

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One of Scott Gelb’s passion in life is video games. Playing video games was a major part of his adolescent life. Scott Gelb particularly loved play video games of the MMORPGS genre. Another important part of his adolescent life was studying. Scott Gelb was determined to obtain a high level of education. He would study computer sciences at the University of Kansas graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree. Subsequently, he attended Washington University, receiving a master’s degree in computer science from the university. Read more about Scott Gelb at


While Scott Gelb was studying at Washington University, he set out on having a career in the gaming field. During his tenure at Perpetual Entertainment, he ran its online gaming platform for their blockbuster online games, such as Star Trek Online and Gods and Heroes. Thereafter, Scott Gelb joined Riot Games, Inc. serving the game developer successively as Vice President of Technology, Vice President of Engineering, and Technical Director. Currently, he serves as the chief operating officer at Riot Games.