Securus Technologies Announces Successful Tests Of Drone Detection Technology

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As drone technology has become more and more popular, I find myself wondering about the impacts of this technology to our world. Recently public safety officials have made it known that drones have posed an issue at prisons and jails where they are being used to deliver illegal contraband prisoners. I was relieved when I heard of the announcement that Securus Technologies has recently developed a program to help deter the abusive drone technology to deliver contraband. Just last year federal records report that over a dozen attempts to deliver contraband to prisoners and federal penitentiaries were made using drone systems. This is was in the development of new drone detection technology by the company. As of now, drug detection utilizes an infrastructure system that is related to its wireless containment solution that uses a digital antenna structure. Currently, Securus Technologies serves over 3500 public safety and law enforcement agencies across the nation.

The Dallas-based business with the recent recipient of the 2018 customer service awards known as the Stevie awards. They were awarded for their excellence in sales and customer service. These are awards that are known as being among the world’s top honors for customer service and sales professionals. Over 2500 companies were nominated in nearly every industry this year. They received a gold, silver, and bronze award for their teams. This was done after a delegation process which analyzed various aspects of the company’s which had been nominated for the awards. Members of the company are incredibly proud to have been honored by these awards.

The company has a mission to help provide emergency response, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, information management, and monitoring products and services. They offer all of these in hopes that they can help the world be a better place for everyone to live.

Their new drone detection technology has been in development for quite some time in response the rise of illegal contraband smuggling through the use of civilian drones. As the cost of civilian drones has continued to go down the incidents of these smuggling’s has only continued to increase. The company hopes to combat these problems by the implementation of the new technologies. They recently completed successful tests of this new technology and have plans to implement them over the next 18 months. Trials are going to be continued in order to help identify strengths and weaknesses in current systems. Over time the technology promises to get better as resources and investments continue to grow. As of now, the results are promising as the trials have already been able to identify novel tactics and methods to prevent the illegal importation of contraband into prison systems across the United States of America.

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