Shervin Pishevar Believes Big Tech is Too Big

Published / by soundproof

The tech industry has many critics. One common criticism leveled against the big technology companies involves concerns over the centralization of power. Five companies, in particular, maintain enormous control over the internet and communications. Shervin Pishevar, a tech entrepreneur and early Uber investor, emerged as a surprising critic of “Big Tech.” In a 21-hour tweet storm, he noted his concerns with Silicon Valley.

Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon rose to prominence because consumers flooded their corporate coffers with billions of dollars in revenue. These companies enjoyed enormous popularity, but cracks in public perceptions emerged. To one degree or another, each company faced criticism in the court of public opinion. Facebook also faced severe sanctions from the U.S. government in the aftermath of the privacy scandal. Shervin Pishevar has had enough. He speaks for many with his critique of Silicon Valley. Ironically, he relied on Twitter to do so.

Then again, it is not like Pishevar could reach a massive audience without Twitter. The social media platform provides a free forum to engage with the public. Shervin Pishevar took advantage of Twitter to point out the government could use antitrust laws to bring down the powerful tech giants. He tells everyone to look back at history and reexamine the breakup of Bell Atlantic.

Crushing the stranglehold “Ma Bell” maintained on the telecommunications industry changed things for the better. Shervin Pishevar suggests a similarly positive result would derive from challenging the top five technology companies. Of course, the companies would resist the government’s action and battle things out in court. How the events turn out would be anyone’s guess. And no one knows at this point if the government will take any antitrust action.

Shervin Pishevar went public with his opinions and gained some media attention. Likely, his commentary about a potential drastic downturn in the stock market piqued interest in newsrooms.

Many readers of his tweets and related news reports might only ponder his comments about the market. Persons disinterested in the tech industry might skip over the antitrust tweets. Ignoring those tweets would be a mistake. Pishevar makes several intriguing points. And his belief the tech industry has become too powerful makes sense.