Smita Shah Contributions to Engineering and Program Managements in the USA

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Smita Shah is one of the most versatile investors in the world of engineering. In the past two decades, she has not only exhibited a lot of professionalism in the engineering world, but she is one of the investors that changed the service delivery in this unique market. Through her unmatched leadership skills, she has transformed Spaan Technology — from a typical start-up to be one of the biggest and the most efficient companies in the USA.


The journey and the success of Spaan Technology is a product of different factors. Smita Shah’s approach to work is one of the reasons why the company is one of the best performing private companies in the USA. She believes that clients should always get value for money. In the last two decades, she has challenged how the industry interprets work and money. Her dedication — to give her clients the best services — makes her the future of engineering.


She is also keen on creating good working relations with other stakeholders. Smita Shah understands that no company operates in a vacuum — and therefore, working with other entities is vital. She works with different professionals from different companies. Her criteria for working with other entities include the following. The other entities must share the same vision as Spaan Technology, and more importantly, the other party must be keen on making customer satisfaction a reality.


Smita Shah understands the importance of inspired and qualified employees. As the senior manager of her company, she is keen on ensuring that all her employees are inspired — regardless of their status within Spaan Technology. She was also instrumental in creating a better reward system for the hardworking employees within her company. According to various publications; her company is one of the few entities in the corporate America with the highest remunerations. Her view on employee and productivity is unmatched. Follow Smita Shah on Twitter


Due to her approach to work, Smita Shah has worked with different clients. One of her earliest and the most successful projects was — working with Senator Barack Obama’s office. She was part of the team that gave Obama’s office a new look. According to Shah, this project opened doors for other high-end projects with major entities.


Apart from being one of the most prominent investors in the engineering world, Shah is also one of the people that have opened doors for young and talented individuals. Smita Shah understands the importance of nurturing young talents — especially in the business space. Due to her contributions in molding new talents, Shah is a recipient of different awards. One of these awards includes — Ellis Island Medal of Honor. The recognition, according to the organizers of Ellis Island Awards, was because of her contributions to creating future leaders in the business space. Learn more: