Smita Shah on Women Empowerment

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About Smita Shah 


Smita Shah is the chair and CEO at Spaan Tech. She is a knowledgeable engineer and has expertise in the business. She has been quoted by local, national and international media houses.


She served under the white house administration and has also received more awards for leading in business.


Smita Shah has been renowned for her devotion to reinforce international partnership. She has used every opportunity she has to mentor the young professions and inspire future leaders.


About Spaan Tech


Ms Shah is the brain of Spaan Tech. She initiated the institution in 1998. Spaan Tech is an engineering institution accustomed to administering solutions to the most challenging and technical projects.


A recap of the Interview


Smita Shah was invited in an interview that was meant to talk to the young girls. The show was known as Steve Cochran show. She said that she started the company because Smita was curious knowing that if it could fail, she would work for another person’s institution and if it succeeded, that’s the best of it.


She said the main goal towards the start of the organization was to bring talented people together so that they could work together and make a difference in both communities.


Being a science and math geek made Smith Shah different as she was the only young girl who was a math guru at a young age. She used to be in the fourth and fifth grade on top of the male students. Being different was a normal thing for her.


She is at the moment working with people who employed her as a marketing girl or the employee.


People she used to work with could not believe that she has a masters in Science. The main reason she empowers women is to make them engaged to make a country a better place. When she was still young, she entered the house.


Smita Shah says that most people do not realize that Math and science are fundamental in life, as it is a fun simple thing that people should enjoy.


Starting your own company is a significant achievement for any individual. Her advice to the young girls like her was that math was a great profession as you will succeed and also a great career to girls because you can have a family and still be an engineer.


Smita Shah has a daughter who is so outspoken. She has always encouraged her to speak her mind and try new things which she has no problem trying. She says that women should be helping other women.


Half of the people in her institution are women, and they empower each other. She advocates for challenge embracement.


At the moment what she does daily is built roads and bridges. Museums have been used to teach people how to engage in science. Learn more:

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