Stream Energy Creates Philanthropic Foundation to Support their Works

Published / by soundproof

Stream energy is one of the largest energy selling companies in Texas. The company directly sales power to consumers through their sales associates. The associated get a commission from the purchases they make. Since its creation, the company has always helped needy people in the communities. Their charitable acts make them stand out from other corporations in the area.

Recently, Stream Energy created a new philanthropy foundation, Stream Care to help increase their outreach operations to less fortunate in the community. The stream Care Energy foundations is an addition of what the company has been doing over the last twelve years.

Stream Energy was the first company to help victims of Hurricane Harvey, which caused massive destruction in Houston. The hurricane caused flooding around many neighborhoods that led to the loss of human lives, destruction of homes, offices and many properties. While many watched from the sidelines, Stream Energy stepped in to help people recover from the tragic event.

In 2016, the company also stepped in to help victims of the Texas Tornado, which destroyed many homes a day after Christmas. The company joined hands with the Salvation Army and other origins to offer help to the affected families. During this time, associates to the company raised thousands of dollars to the cause. Because of their generous heart, the company decided to match those donations, which provided a considerable sum of money for the victims.

One area Stream Energy has been keenly following around the Dallas area is taking care of homeless people. Stream Energy and its employees keep track of the homeless people in the community, which helps, then know how many people need their help. The company supports the homeless in the community through the Hope Supply Co.

The Hope Supply Co. is one of Streams projects that seek to help over 1,000 North Texas homeless children. The project has been running for the last four years. Through his project, the company brings homeless children to a local water park and allow them to have one fantastic day. The project also provides diapers, school supplies, clothing, and other helpful materials to the children regularly.