Tenegram Still Brands Lime Crime As Vegan Cosmetics Line

Published / by soundproof

Thousands of women crave an organic makeup collection to protect their skin because beauty is everything in today’s society. With millions of products sold exclusively online, Lime Crime, has captured the eye of the Tenegram investment firm. Tenegram is only interested in previously branded products, and they were impressed with their exclusive online sells. In fact, even though they’re sold exclusively online, they’ve built themselves into a top brand. In fact, their new Chief Executive Officer, Stacy Panagakis, says, they will continue to market LC cosmetics as a completely vegan brand.

Why Customers Choose Lime Crime Over Other Brands

Customers recognize the cool packaging and buttery-smooth base with LC cosmetics and become fans of their brand. Their creator, Doe Deere, dared to be bold by being one of the first cosmetic designers to experiment with the rich matte formula. Not everyone was backing the cruelty-free brand, but the super-foil formula turned out to be a success. Her cosmetics go on with a smooth water-proof base. Choose liberally between thousands of products that allow you to mix and match their cosmetics. LC is proud to carry a exuberant line of lipstick and eye-shadows in amazing shades and hues.

More LC Cosmetic News

Ironically, a business deal between Lime Crime and China was inevitable with the increased black market sells of matte products. Their China industry users can now, purchase LC cosmetics through their new e-commerce market. Their international business deal as an exclusive cosmetic’s line, also attracted the attention of Tenegram. Thousands of users have already become a part of their international sells to make the business deal a success. Bring out your eye color and natural lip lines with their popular Apricot Nude summer collection. Join the Lime Crime brand exclusively on their website or select department stores today.