The Beauty and Brains of Doe Deere

Published / by soundproof

This is the true story of a unique entrepreneur. With her bright pink hair and soulful eyes, Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and professes that her cosmetics do not just hide imperfections but are a form of freedom and self-expression. These are impressive words coming from a gal born in Russia. Still, she was brought up in New York and is happily living the American dream!

Her mission started in 2008 when Doe created and launched her cruelty free line of cosmetics. What followed was an intense international following, women who absolutely adore her bold colors, vivid hues, and Doe Deere’s “embrace your weirdness” statement!

She might have started out small, working her way to the top, but Doe achieved success on her own terms and does not regret it a bit! She is an avid supporter of other women-owned businesses and entrepreneurship and welcomes contact from these fresh faces who want her advice. That is, if she can find the time!

Doe has yet to discover a “typical day” in her busy schedule. If she is not making sure all her Lime Crime departments are running smoothly, she is working on new products for her eager fans. After this, she must focus on marketing strategies and social media! She has said there is never a dull moment at her place of business and we believe her!

However, there may have been stumbling blocks in her past, naysayers jealous of her success who tried to bring her down, but Doe has always kept a positive attitude and sincerely believes in her customers. The results: An increase in productivity.

Doe Deer is a generous lady who listens to her employees, customers, and – she admits – she also listens to people who do not like her. She learns from them all and has found great success!

We salute Doe Deere and look forward to hearing about her next cosmetic wonder!