The Christmas Video Visits Created By Securus Technologies

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When it is Christmas time at a correction facility, there are many of the inmates that feel alone and sad. They miss their families, and being part of the holidays. Since they can’t be with them in person, the company, Securus Technologies developed the Christmas video visits so that the inmates could see and hear their families during the holidays. This has been a successful way to keep the peace in the correction facilities during this time of the year.


With the Christmas video visits, the inmates can see and hear their family when they are having their meal, and opening their presents. They get to take part in the holiday, even though they can’t be there in person. This makes a huge different for them, and they are able to get through the holidays in a much better way.


The company, Securus Technologies believes wholeheartedly in making the world a better place, and keeping the public safe. They are the leader in their industry. The company is always in demand all over the country, and the government contracts them to work in their correction facilities in order to help prevent and solve crimes. They are constantly looking into new technologies that will make the environments safer for everyone. This company deals with over a million prisoners each year, and they are involved in getting new solutions to problems on a weekly basis. They have the most dedicated staff that are experts at what they do. If they have a mission to accomplish, they most definitely get it done, and to perfection.



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