The Exceptional Life Of Anthony Petrello

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The leading offshore oil and gas drilling contractor company based in Hamilton, Bermuda and founded as an Anglo Energy company in 1968. Nabors Industries control the largest land-based drilling rig fleet in the world and also supplies routine tools and directional drilling services – leading in innovative technologies in the oil and gas markets across the globe.

Sitting as President and CEO of the Nabors Industries is Anthony Petrello.

Anthony G. Petrello graduated with a degree in J.D. from Harvard Law School and a master’s degrees in Mathematics from Yale University and had worked with the Law firm – Baker & McKenzie, specializing in international law, corporate law and taxation.

Anthony has gained over 30 years of experience and involvement with Nabors Industries. He joined the board of directors and executive committee board in 1991 and served as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) between 1991 to 2011 before been promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company after the former CEO; Eugene Isenberg resigned in 2011.

As chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, Anthony is responsible for operating functions, strategic planning, and direction.

He makes sure that the business’s top posts are placed properly, making the company thrive in a vibrant, aggressive environment. With the years of experience and skills Anthony exudes, Nabors Industries now share prices shot up to 180%. Over the years; Nabors Industries Ltd has expanded and grown under Anthony’s exceptional leadership and experience. Anthony has been able to foster healthy relationships with current investors and potential investors, thus making the oil company successful.

Known for exuding exceptional teamwork in a bid to make Nabors Industries Ltd achieve its set financial goals and visions, Anthony was recognized and ranked the top position on 50 top-paid CEOs in the US (in the year 2011) – with an annual income of about $68 million. His admirable quality works at Nabors Industries has made him not only an excellent President and CEO but also as Chairman of the company’s board of directors.

Tony also serves as a director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC and also at Hilcorp Energy Co.

He and his wife; Cynthia Petrello are socially active in Houston where they live. They have been awarded the Woodrow Wilson Award for Public Service (an award given to exceptional individuals who have served public life – political, scientific or cultural sectors of society with distinction). An exceptional life indeed!

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