The RealReal Offers Luxury Fashion At Consignment Prices

Published / by soundproof

All too often, clothing is not worn for its full useful life. Unfortunately, articles often find themselves in the bottom of a drawer or back of a closet for so long that they get forgotten about and eventually thrown out or donated years later. While this may not seem like an urgent issue to some, others recognize that thousands of dollars are tied up in unworn clothing each year. This is where companies like luxury consignment shop The RealReal can help. The RealReal allows you to either buy or sell luxury clothing and accessory brands. This way, if you know you aren’t going to wear something, you can be paid for it and someone who will wear it gets the chance to enjoy an incredible piece for a reasonable price. To see the latest and greatest arrivals, be sure to follow their Instagram @therealreal which showcases new arrivals such as watches and handbags as well as other full outfits that would be perfect for the upcoming season. To date, The RealReal has raised more than $173 million which has allowed the opening of their first location and will serve as the startup funding necessary to get a new business off the ground. Nothing beats the feeling of finding a truly amazing fashion piece for just pennies on the dollar compared to what you would pay in a regular store. The great thing is there is absolutely no difference between the two products except for the price. The majority of products in the store have only been worn once or twice and some are even sold to the store with the tags still on the product. One of the other great things about this consignment shop is that every piece that they accept is fully authenticated by our team of experts. This way, no counterfeit clothing or handbags ever make it on to the showroom floor. The RealReal prides themselves in providing on the highest quality products to their customers for the lowest possible prices. The RealReal is currently located in Soho and is hoping to expand to other locations in the near future.