The services offered by Dr. Jennifer Walden that has led to her incredible ranking

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Born in 1971, Dr. Jennifer Walden has been one of the few individuals with actual solutions to people’s problems. Plastic surgery is not an easy field. It offers the riskiest and delicate solutions to problems that affect the self-esteem. With millions of people not sure of where to get their solutions, it is easy for them to be duped. Dr. Jennifer Walden offers very specific plastic surgeries that would restore confidence to the lives of people regardless of the nature of the condition.

What makes Dr. Jennifer Walden the best?

Usually, it is hard for most plastic surgeons to own up and say that they cannot perform certain surgeries. Dr. Jennifer Walden is not afraid of being plain with the clients. She tells them her jurisdiction and gives the most appropriate advice for every situation. Before performing the actual acts, Dr. Jennifer Walden is open with the clients. There are certain services that she thinks would be dangerous or she just does not feel like performing them. In such cases, she will not place the lives of her clients at risk. She equally offers a session of communication before the clients settle for the surgery.

The services offered

Breast jobs

Dr. Jennifer Walden has a list of options that can help with the process of breast enlargement. For breast augmentation, the doctor has a variety of options. First, the client can choose to go for saline or silicone breast implants, the breasts can be textured shaped, or an implant can be created by fat implants. Other breast jobs that the doctor does include; repairing an inverted nipple, secondary breast implant, breast reduction and the reconstruction of the breasts.

Face jobs

Several options are available for face jobs. Other than breast jobs, face transformations are majorly sought in the United States. Here, there are blepharoplasty, augmentation of the chin, Otoplasty and Facelifts. The clients get to specify what they want before the surgeries are conducted. Dr. Jennifer Walden advice the clients based on their anatomy. There can be dangers of going for certain options because they can pose a danger to the lives of the clients.


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