The Varied Interests And Sucesses Of Arthur Becker

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Arthur Becker has been the silent financer for Robert Gladstone, Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern. He is now financing his own condominium project. A plan filed with the Attorney Generals office in New York shows Becker plans to turn an eight unit building into a $52.5 million dollar sellout. Becker says it will be a boutique building with Paris Forino as the designer.

Becker started his career building homes then went to Hawaii to operate a macadamia orchard. Eventually he moved into financing and technology, can be found on Bloomberg. Becker purchased the new building for 6.1 million from Peter Moore. Moore was facing a foreclosure suit for $4.7 million after he defaulted on a loan. In order to expand the building from five stories to ten Becker purchased the development rights for an adjacent building as well.

Becker was also the first backer to finance a row condo super tower. Although the sales gallery has been completed by the developers sales are currently on hold. Becker felt it was too soon for the efforts of a full sales force. Becker has backed condos, townhouses and luxury developments. He is seeking a loan for $25 million for construction on a luxury project.

Arthur Becker was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950. He currently lives and works in New York, New York. Becker earned his Bachelors degree in fine arts at Bennington College with a mixed major of photography and ceramics. He attended business school at Amos Tuck also referred to as Dartmouth. He started moving American houses from the 18th century in New England eventually becoming the CEO of two different technology companies.

In the late 1990’s he went back to his work in photography. His idea was the creation of photographic images that had texture. He wanted to introduce the visual artifact that has become so common in paintings. Recently Becker has shifted his focus to currency. His work has been exhibited at Arcature Fine Art in Palm Beach, Florida, Morgan Walker Fine Art, Art Basel and the Hal Katzen in New York.

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