Tim Ioannides On How To Run A Successful Business

Published / by soundproof

Making it big in the medical industry is never an easy thing to do but Tim Ioannides is a shining example of how best to run your business and treat your patients. Many people are curious to know how he managed to become the founder and CEO of his own practice. Well, he recently sat down to talk about his career. Back when he was in medical school, he was offered a chance to be a part of one of the most rigorous internships they have to offer. He ended up successfully completing the internship while excelling in all of his classes which eventually led to him graduating with honors and staying at the university for a few years to complete his residency. Once that was done, he began his first postdoc position as an intern for a dermatology practice.

Not long afterwards, he realized the company was chock full of iniquity and avarice so he left the job and resolved to become the owner and founder of his own practice that treats patients with kindness and respect instead of as pawns in their grand scheme to get rich. They pride themselves on giving their patients the best service possible by establishing a positive and healthy rapport with each one so they can try to better treat and diagnose their conditions. Additionally, all of their employees write on pads of paper so they focus more on treating the patients and less on their screens. He also teaches some dermatology classes at the local university.

His practice has since begun thriving, going from just one office building to five different locations throughout the state of Florida. For future aspiring businesspeople, he has advised them to pursue whatever it is they’re passionate about or else they will be miserable throughout their career.

For details: www.behance.net/timioannides