Wes Edens The Man behind the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Published / by soundproof

Fortress Investment Group is a well-known investment management firm from the United States, based in New York. The company has expanded rapidly since its inception in 1998 and has been able to set up satellite offices in many other countries globally. Fortress Investment Group is considered to be one of the top financial services firms in the world with yearly revenue crossing a billion easily. The total amount of assets under management by Fortress Investment Group is easily over $70 billion, and it continues to grow exponentially under its current leadership. The company has taken many steps for its expansion, especially after it was taken over by the Japanese financial giant Softbank Group.

Fortress Investment Group provides many different types of financial products and services, including hedge funds, credit funds, alternative assets & private equity. Fortress Investment Group is a private equity firm that is publicly traded and was the first such firm to be publicly listed in NASDAQ in 2007. The company was founded by three of the top financial executives of the time, including Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffmann, and Wesley R. Edens.

Wes Edens is the current President of the Fortress Investment Group and was also one of the co-founders of the company. He is an expert in finance, and it is the reason why he was the man who took the decision to take the company public in 2007 and was successful. Even though he was one of the co-founders, Wes Edens has held different positions in the company. He was the first Chief Executive Officer of the company. He started his successful career as a partner at the Lehman Brothers before he was offered a lucrative deal with the BlackRock company. He has been successful in whatever ventures he takes up, and it is only due to his hard work and dedication.

Apart from working for the growth of the company, Wes Edens also liked to invest in other avenues that have huge potential. Recently, Wes Edens bought an online gaming team, FlyQuest from the company Cloud9 for $2.5 million. It is his first investment in the esports, but he believes that the team has a huge potential and would be profitable. Even though online sporting events have been around for years; it is only recently that such teams are able to secure huge sponsors from large corporations. He also owns another sports team; Milwaukee Bucks for whom he built a new facility.