Why Omeed Malik is Talking Big About Pre-IPO Shares

Published / by soundproof

An IPO is exciting for the investor, but those who are searching for new investments in the pre-IPO stage can get excited as well. Although it’s on a different level, it’s still exciting to watch where investors may bid now, versus how they will bid later once it has gone public. It was the overall experience of Omeed Malik that has made him the success he is today, and it’s the experience and the intuition that he leans on to see how things go. It’s safe to say that Omeed Malik is one of the most colorful investors and business leaders today.

Today, Omeed Malik is the founder and CEO of Farvahar Partners. His direction is about teaching and educating those who have no special background, and those who may not have even started their own portfolio. Some of the speaking engagements that Omeed Malik has run, include some of his seminars that he offers to share his knowledge with the non-investor. It’s an opportunity for others to learn, and to find out how to pass on that information.

Not long ago when Malik was asked to speak with Charlie Gasparino on Fox News regarding his knowledge and his firm, he chose to open up and discuss what he refers to as the “shadow market”. This has to do with the trading of the IPO’s and placing values on them prior to when they go public. It is his opinion that the activity he sees during this foreshadowing is what lets him know whether or not the company will gain any traction once they go public.

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to whether or not there are specific markets to invest in or stay away from. Omeed Malik believes that if a company sees good activity and bidding in the pre-IPO stage, than this will be a successful company with another successful round.

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