Zeco Auriemo Brings Class to Real Estate

Published / by soundproof

From leading the day to day operations of a successful Brazilian business to attending dinner parties with royalty. Zeco Auriemo is an influential entrepreneur in charge of leading one of Brazil’s most dominant real estate development companies. Originally owned by his father, Zeco has gone to extensive lengths in developing commercial and residential properties within Brazil. Thus maintaining his father’s vision, whilst overseeing the overall growth of JHSF Participacoes SA. Auriemo is well respected, especially in his country. His recent dinning with Prince Albert of Monaco is a testament to the amount of renown he has among his fellow countrymen.

Zeco Auriemo has gained a reputation for establishing high-class, luxurious buildings to the communities he works in. Take Cidade Jardim for example, the shopping mall he brought to Sao Paulo stands as a proud representation of what Auriemo and JHSF are capable of when taking on a project.

Eventually, his innovative perspective has been unleashed onto New York City. After his company finalized the purchase a $32 million four-story mansion, Zeco and his company received approval to begin building a 14-story residential building on 5th avenue. The original building had undergone some hardship in the late ‘1800s and this caused a loss of most of its original facade. Such conditions made for the perfect location for the real estate CEO’s next project. However, before his team could even begin rebuilding the structure, Auriemo and his companies U.S. representative, Sergio Millerman, had been requested to submit three different projects to the Historic Landmarks Committee. A group of councilmen deeply connected with the Manhattan community. The request was standard protocol for 90% of the projects that attempted to come to live in the area. That did very little to deter JHSF, the companies history of high-end luxurious structures proved they were capable.